Poetry E t A l.

8pm at Sauvage
1114B 3rd Ave in Nashville, TN


Poetry by:

Bily Cancel
Richard Harper
David Bersell


Visuals by Ellie Caudell



The Winter’s Ball


It goes without saying that Winter can do a spectacular number on the human spirit. Holidays, taxes, the Grammys & Oscars, and way too much peppermint hot chocolate. Why not have an event to celebrate such an occasion? Come make a lasting impression on your self and the season as we celebrate the mystifying beauty that is Winter.

Notes on the occasion:

What??: The Winter’s Ball
Where??: Little Harpeth Brewery
When??: 8-11 pm on Saturday, February 27th
Why??: To raise money for the Worker’s Dignity Radio fund, 104.1FM WDYO. And because winter blows.

The night will be hosted by the illustrious comedian Chris Crofton and costs $20 to attend. Contained within the evening’s pageantry will be ice sculptures, Free Jazz, silk dancers, magicians, guests of honor, all of which culminates in a formal address from the White Witch of Winter.

All you can drink. All you can eat. 100% of proceeds go to Worker’s Dignity (www.workersdignity.org)

Expect everything from the formal to the ridiculous to the extreme. Or as they say in New York: sophisticated.

We’re all in this together so let’s work the levers of joy together, because when winter blows, have a ball.



BUY TIX HERE: https://www.picatic.com/thewintersball

William Tyler, Alynda Lee Segarra, James Wallace / Workers’ Dignity Radio Benefit @ The Stone Fox


Full Moon In Pisces: (Some of) The Music of Pynchon’s “Inherent Vice”

How exactly did we get to this true and unassuming reality? It’s a dark and lonely job, but somebody’s gotta do it I suppose. A collected concentration of the Bermuda Triangle + Lemuria + Ojai, California. Fade them summer nights into a pot of boiling water.


The Louvin Brothers – The Great Atomic Power

The Louvin Brothers – Great Atomic Power <click!>

The Louvin Brothers tap into the former Kommy scare, helping to process the inevitable invocation of the mushrooms of destruction. Turn up the Enola Gay!


WATCH: https://youtu.be/4s3CN-8a3aM


Get your record <here> and know what it feels like to howl deep down in the night.


Blacktooth Records presents: “La Pantera de las Palmas” (poetry by Richard Harper)


A note to potential readers:

Written to a certain form of completion, this book should be read with a spirit of desire coupled with light refreshments and good air. With this, you can try to avoid getting bit by the mystic bug, but not mosquitoes, chiggers or ants. Examples of such scenarios include a bus bench in an altered state, at home with a stray cat or dog, or in a quiet solitude to remember the light and more of it is what really matters.

This is my third collection of poetry. All attempts at doing otherwise have been dismissed by the universe in a stereotypical fashion (in addition to having a rather steep day rate). Expenses were accrued but reimbursed.

Buy here: <click!>

Billy Bennett – Lou Wheez (a music video)

Imagine Van Dyke Parks is his name was a sentence and you’ll get the right image in your head of what Billy Bennett’s music sounds like: beautiful, twisted, and oddly comforting. Here with 2 songs and moments of brilliance before him, Bennett has brought forth a video for his good lovin’ song, ‘Lou Wheez’ directed by Boone Bear Dawson.




Stay lush.


The Chi-Lites (2x)

You should most certainly get into the Chi-Lites if you aren’t already. As far as “sentimental” vocal groups go, these guys blossomed into something more than penning listless love tunes usually leads to. Highly original, Eugene Record on lead vocals composing most of their songs, they had many hits at the climax of their popularity. That’s them with the oft-covered “Oh Girl” (see Young-Holt Unlimited’s excellent instrumental on the LP of the same name) as well as “Have You Seen Her” – but it’s near the end of their tenure with the Brunswick label, with whom they spent most of their recording career, that two really great tracks surface.

“Stoned Out of My Mind” – all cultural updates aside – is a great jam about a spurned love affair, getting dogged and getting over it and taking your mind back for yourself, while “Take A Trip” follows the opposite path in describing how bad ass it is to have a lady and be with her on an island. Which is pretty much accurate. Simple, but true. A fair summation of this group, in my opinion.

“So much beauty”

The Chi-Lites – Stoned Out of My Mind
The Chi-Lites – Take A Trip