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The State of Kuwait: R.I.P. Peaches Geldof


From Chris Murray, fronter of many fronts, experiments, and minds – and for this purpose: The Hepatitties.

What follows are his thoughts on the passing of Peaches Geldof. The words are his own candid sentiment – a modern-day rarity – servings as the first (and, god willing, the last ) look back at a period in our collective history that is venerable, honorable, and – well – peachy:

Chris Murray:

I’m not sure what qualifies me to eulogize Peaches Geldof, other than the fact that I briefly fronted a band, The Hepatitties, for which I used various online media accounts of the young woman’s experiences, as fodder to write songs from her singular, and absolutely fascinating perspective.

As author of these songs, I suppose I do have a unique perspective, at least amongst Nashvillians, of what it might have been like to walk even a few miles in her designer pumps, to feel the evening dew thru her ink-adorned skin, to love and fuck and take needle drugs as her beautiful young synapses fire and misfire inside that lonely skull, topped with silken blonde hair…

I suppose what fascinated me with Peaches all along were these dissonances that seemed to be at the very core of her person: she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but never hesitant to use it for melting down heroin with lemon juice. She could bed damn near any man, but chose for her first husband the ginger lead singer of ridiculous electropop/rap group, Chester French. Her face was soft and round, but usually covered in gaudy rouge, and her skin, so supple, alabaster smooth, but criss-crossed with hastily designed ink in her later years. She was an essentially conflicted, and therefor free person, it seemed to me, physically and emotionally untethered.

To me, Peaches represented a unique point on the celestial map of celebrity infatuation: not fully present in any specific time or geographical zone, but existing mostly in, propped up by the digital consciousness shared by readers, and perhaps more importantly, by her reliably tabloid-obsessed home country of England. Peaches gave us the mytheme that we so desperately need for meme. There can be no myth without a people to share it, after all. The fetish object is not a fetish at all, without a pervert.

The second Hepatitties EP, Banality Winkin’, explored Mrs. Geldof’s lately refined emotional sensibilities, her newfound introspection upon the birth of first born son, Astala Geldof-Cohen, as evidenced by her personal Twitter and Instagram feeds. Since the completion of this recording, Peaches gave birth to a second son, Phaedra Geldof-Cohen, and adopted two dogs: Bowgsley and another (whose name I forget,) and seemed to be further distancing herself from the hard-partying lifestyle of her late teenage years.

The Peaches Geldof of old had recently seemed to be dying in favor of a new, more “adult” version of herself. Perhaps she was just not ready to see her real self, her tabloid self, the drug-addled, occasionally chubby society plumb, wilt away on life’s pedestrian counter top.

Goodnight, Peaches. May God have mercy on us all.



Find The Hepatitties albums for free and for sale here:

A Taste For Peaches <click!>

Banalaity Winkin’ <click!> (3rd down)

The State of Kuwait: One Grain of Sand In the World (Lean Back)

Photo: Aaron Defourneaux

OpEd: Richard Paul Harper, Jr.


It is on the night after the death of the great Pete Seeger and upon streaming Henry Mancini’s “Best Of” that I write this.

The duel purpose with which the occasion compels me to jostle my thoughts down can also be revealed in the opening sentence. I awoke this morning to read of the news that Pete Seeger – the legendary folk singer and activist – had died peacefully at the age of 94. This is the first monolithic musical figure that has passed this year, but in 2013 the world lost Lou Reed, Donald Byrd, Phil Everly and Ray Price, to name the smallest amount. All major figures, both in the music community and in the popular landscape as well. But none illicit nearly as much of a reaction from me as Pete Seeger’s death did. My initial thought was that stating he died peacefully seemed a bit ill-fitting, given that the current climate in which we live (double meaning intended) can hardly be navigated in a “peaceful” manner. As such, Mr. Seeger appeared to gracefully let go of the torch he (once) carried, while still maintaining his fervor for life. Either that or he probably asked himself every day upon waking, “are you fucking kidding me?”

My next thought immediately went to the onslaughts of tributes that were about to be poured out for the righteous man. A mental rolodex began to spin of all the people who claimed Seeger as inspiration or in his lineage: Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, John Mellencamp, The Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, etc. etc. and I vowed to skim everyone of them with a dull-attention span and to not go and do likewise. In fact, en route to my relatively yuppie job bar-tending at a locally-sourced burger joint (where I also am in charge of the music during the shift), I said to myself that I wouldn’t so much as even mention his passing to anyone and would play only a few of his tracks – exclusively deep cuts – as I queued up whatever jams for that morning shift. Yet here I am. Human beings are fickle, malleable beasts.

Den Rest lesen…


To put it safely: it’s about damn time. Unafraid to take up a pace much closer to nature’s than the urban sprawl, Majestico has finally solidified an album for the people to hear.

Recorded – like so many of the delicious things in our lives – by Andrija Tokic (AKA Dreya, AKA Dre-Babe, AKA Dr. Dre, AKA The-Dre) at the Bomb Shelter here in Nashville, it does the right thing by most any standards. It’s got quite a few of the jams you’ve heard for a long time now, as well as more recently penned ones, that are more future-indicative of the tender baby-bamboo shoot finally exploding that is Graham Fitzpenn and co. who have spread their roots so deep and so far for so long now.

Here’s to not surviving the New Age Revival.

Out 2/11/14 on ATO Record Club and 3/4/14 to everyone else via ATO.

Album trailer via us?:

Directed by Graham
Shot/Edited by Schuyler
High Shots by Logan “Gotdam” Frank

Until It’s Devoured and To Skirt Away Again


I back our Southern local for a few reasons and scrape it clean for a few more. One of the reasons for my loyalty though is the bizarre life that still exists. Not in the “weird” sense (partially, sure) but more in the “This-Could-Only-Happen-Here-And-To-Me” way. You can find it everywhere to be certain, it’s just more my speed down here.

But today, a fantastic read surfaced on one of those more known spots that contain such beauty, the legendary strip bar in Atlanta called The Clermont Lounge. Very rarely can you witness the honesty of a place, even rarer from a document about the place. Never the less, Dana Hazels Seith has done a marvelous job writing about a spot that’s in the Blacktooth Pantheon of Patios, Porches and Perches (Mr. B’s – Charleston, SC, Sous La Terre – Montgomery, AL, etc.)

Read HERE <click!> It’s tight.



Florida In My Mind


Here’s a tricky one. Dungen’s multi-instrumentalist/bassist Mattias Gustavsson has a few “solo” records under the Life On Earth! moniker on Subliminal Sounds. Now, we here at Blacktooth have an undying and unapologetic love for Dungen. They are easily one of the best working bands who’s influence has gone massively understated and undervalued. So needless to say, when I found out about this Look! There Is stuff a few weeks ago, I was excited. And then I listened to it.

It’s not that it’s bad, in fact it’s kind of great. The first full length, “Look!! There Is,” has all those elements you like about Dungen and it’s tighter both in muscle and in orientation…and then the voice kicks in. And then you hear what he’s singing about. And then you realize that it’s all the same. And then you spend the week listening to the other Life On Earth! and seeing that nothing ever really works but nothing really fails and it varies which element is which. Like I said: tricky.

The music certainly takes you somewhere, though. And the transition of the Jeremy Steig-esque flute on Life On Earth!’s titular track on “Look!! There Is” is really great. Hearing another Dungen song with a stand in vocalist could be worth it alone (Johan Holmegard plays drums and Gustav Ejstes does his usual insane work) but in a lot of ways it’s more than that. The album A Space Water Loop is probably the one that really stands the best on its own and its a rad listen. But whatever, I love this shit…I just wish he wouldn’t sing in English because it sounds dumb (as beautiful as all the hippy ideas he’s expressing are). But if potential polyglots and lost-in-translation-isms are the worst complaints I have, I’d still tell you to listen to it.


Listen: Life On Earth! – “Life on Earth”



August 30th at The Basement here on the home turf of Nashville, TN will be tight night. We’re proud to present it. The illustrious poster above was made by the hero Ricardo Alessio (site) and will be screen printed and made into different colors for sale at the show. Limited edish.


9pm/$5 will get you in and no pads allowed.


We’re giving away tickets for 2. Leave your name + contact in the comment section as well as a random fact about one of the bands. We’ll select the best and see you and yours there.

Get real with your peers.

Blacktooth Records presents: Richard Harper – The Body In the World


Richard Harper here, curator of this fine site. I’m proud to say that my second book of poetry is available now, entitled The Body In the World.

A full-fledged, self-published book, I have written these poems over the past 2 years (mainly) which has proved to be rather epochal in my ride through existence to say the least. I won’t waste a bunch of words on describing it, save that the content could be best summarized as didactic.

I like poetry a lot. I like reading it and hearing it read. I’ve tried to be mindful of this as I brought this together. I don’t quite know what to make of its place in my culture, but maybe we’ll have a formal coming out party for it in the near future in a way that suits the book itself.

Order a copy if you want by clicking the link below. If you do, I appreciate that you took the time to chill out and dig through the words and ideas.

Big thanks to many: Lauren Plummer, who is effectively my editor at this point; Lilly Lomein for sound advice and listening skills (and Beatrice-like fodder); Luke Howard (site) for helping me lay everything out, annihilating tabs, and for being a long-time comrade. Also to all us Blacktooth homies.


Peace and thanks.

Order The Body In the World

The art of approaching that which surpasses us.











Odysseus Elytis

FYI: The Dangers of LCD Screens


With pocket phones and computers being all the rage, we begin to wonder about which of these manufactures our handling our lives with a potential recklessness. One of the first lessons we should take from history is that those who do not learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them, and – as is the case with every new advance in human societies – we’ve seen countless examples of technology that is still in need of development being implemented into society’s daily use with zero regard to the harmful effects on the users (i.e. Garbage Disposals, Ice Makers, GMOs, etc.). So it stands to reason that we should raise the red flag as to the safety of iPhones and computers. However, unlike others, we want to focus today on LCD screens specifically. These are the silent killers among us today.

Den Rest lesen…

Chrome Pony::Lazy Bones

Today marks the release of Chrome Pony’s full length, slackingly entitled ‘Lazy Bones’ –

but there’s nothing lazy about it –

There are chops, licks and hazy moments, sure, but just do yourself a favor and get it.  It’s in our store over there on the side, and you can grab at all your weirdest digital outlets, streaming and beaming into your medula oblongata. Check them here: TUMBLRLAND — they’re playing shows up and around always.


To the line,

Blacktooth Records