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CL/SPJM/FGE/Mco. Roof Raiser

And what a time it was. I overheard people in aisle 12 at Kroger talking about it the following day.
Thanks to everyone who came out to what is already being reported as, “the most sensational event of the March” (see: Gwam). We raised fat stax of cash for the ex-Mansfield girls, “fight[ing] fire with fire,” as it were (see: D. Burn). Many thanks are due to all parties involved, implicitly or explicitly, especially everyone who came early/stayed late, as well as all the bands that played (Chicken Little, Square People Jazz Maturity, Fly Golden Eagle, Majestico).

One for the books, and now it’s on to the next (thanks to Mary Nell Jr. for the photographs).

1 is 2 is 1.

Here’s a new Eagle tune for the ears. More to come.

Moira by Fly Golden Eagle

Destiny Brothas Radio Hour

Here’s the second installment of the Destiny Brothas Radio Hour. 60′s Garage Pt2. Enjoy!

p.s. The last song cuts out for some reason. Stick with it though. Silence is Sacred.

bring back my wicked witch of the north

wiccan brides of East Tennessee
take off your hideous grandmothers’ gowns
They’ve left you cold in these off seasons

wrap and re-wrap with designer cloth   or lose it all —- run, skip.

You have frightened me
down in a hole is where i hide these days

I no longer enjoy the taste        even from your finest vine

I want adrenaline, fun-fear, ups and belows. 
not this eyes closed-circle pacing-walk around my living room at 2pm in February
             This is not it. Maybe Spring will be

the biggest little city in the world


The Devil Sobered up years ago

got his family back and lives outside of Tempe in a house with a garage that holds two

But what do you do when G↔d is dying too?

You gathered up the salvation you had left and cashed them for chips


Everything on Black, always Black, never red                   Its you and G↔d’s         covenant


now what do you do?      Back to the room where G↔d has lost too

Another night of indulging in escapism wherever you can find it.

G↔d stays hopeful, he can do that, he’s “ambitious.”

he says he has a ‘lead’  And that it’s best to follow


Of course, what else are you gonna do

When G↔d is strung-out too?


Kevin Regan or kvvrggn (via)


what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object                    when a rolling stone hits a wall

A black hole opens up and sucks you in to set you down right here again on this same bar stool

Staring into black matter                 while drinking the rivers & seas         one ghost                             followed after another

Filling up the great abyss with smoke streams and ash


James Wallace and the Naked Light::More Strange News From Another Star

On March 25th, James Wallace will unveil his latest freak-whatever-tunes to the known and unknown world(s) in tape. Let me be the first to say that you all should go to the greatest heights, swim the deepest oceans, transverse ravines, whatever it takes, to hear More Strange News From Another Star. It’s coherent, thoughtful, careful, and most of all a joy to listen to. There are moments where a song will make your spirits soar, and then comes pure pensiveness, where you follow the song – in the words of James –  ”like a new toy, pulled down the road by a string.”


Here’s a song from the tape, “Colored Lights”. I could have posted any of them, honestly, this one just got to me first. It’s enthusiasm is enviable. Are the colored lights neon city signs? Ladies with copious amount of Tammy-Fay-make-up on their faces? Who knows, but you quickly start to spin around with them.
James Wallace and the Naked Light – Colored Lights


James asks the impossible question of how he is to pick up all these stars on More Strange News, and if you want to see him attempt to answer it, go here:

The Basement, 3/25 with Dawn Kinnard and Fly Golden Eagle

Last time he had a record release there were self-help lectures, power point presentations, and free hot tubs. This is a show that is not to be missed.

Chrome Pony::Snow Daze Demos

Someone took the winter off and made a sneaky good album, didn’t they?


Tyler is on the right, having a good time.


Chrome Pony plays the songs that Tyler Davis writes. If you know anything about the man, you know that if there was anyone in the world who could stand the insular nature of winter and still be so infectiously happy and spirited, and then take that spirit and channel it into a record that is best served warm and with the windows down, it would be him.

Just in time, Tyler has brought us all the summer tunes we knew we needed. Hopelessly in love (both with life and the ladies), gritty and fast.

Chrome Pony is new, but not for long. Kyle, Caleb, Ben and Tyler will be playing these songs around Nashville soon. If you’ve never seen the Davis brothers play together, your missing a part of your soul.

Chrome Pony live:

3/23 at Mercy Lounge w/ Majestico and Diarrhea Planet.

3/31 at Little Hamilton w/ Look Like a Snake and Pineapple Explode


Here’s a track that should tease you and is already an instant classic. Be on the look out for more over at their bandcamp.


Chrome Pony – Rock N Roll

Square People Jazz Maturity::Rat Me Out


We can hear, of course, but people need a good yelling at every once and a while. Chris Murray, SPJM’s founder and co-owner, yells at everything: The whole jazz world, punk world, underground world, you, your dog, and your show laces. He despises your shoe laces, honestly. Nashville’s finest. Keep a tight ear to these boys, for they are insanely prolific, and Murray seems to put out something like 28 records a year (I have them all).

Moodscapes is out now on High Density Headache and is available for purchase and consumption by clicking here: <click!>

Here is a post-Moodscape track called “Rat Me Out” – It sounds like Talking Heads if David Byrne didn’t give a shit:

Square People Jazz Maturity – Rat Me Out

green fairy


She came to me dancing in a dream

swirling like a ghost in my mind

moving out of step with no concept of time


she placed a rainbow moonstone in my palm and pressed an indigo gem to my forehead and told me i was aligned

She told me, “A house of people ain’t where its at.”    so i said, “Should we get a motel instead?” she said, “A bed by a pond will do just fine.”

So we painted our faces with turquoise & dirt and I fell asleep in her smoke signals

I woke up choking and drowning in her tide

She came to me dancing in a dream

swirling like a ghost in my mind


moving out of step with no concept of time



I took a step back into the woods                         started a fire

and watched her ghost climb the sky