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!FGE: Swagger/Canadian Funraiser

Fly Golden Eagle and Blacktooth Records are proud to present: Swagger. After a year of work, Fly Golden Eagle is back. This time – and from here on out – they are feeling good. On September 9th they will play their new record live, sincerely titled Swagger, in addition to songs you know, songs that don’t have a home yet, and ones that are homeless and always will be. The new record will be available for free, per usual, and will come out on tape in the coming months via Blacktooth Records (BT005), with the 7″ No Shot, containing “Moira” b/w “Windjammers”, being released by The Memetic Society as part of their Tennesthesia project.

The record Swagger is sexy. It grooves and undulates, titillating your senses. It pops a bit harder but not like you would expect. You’ve got to experience it, which is the only way to do anything. That’s why we’re going to share it with friends, family, and strangers at our house. Join us, the address is below.

We will also be passing the hat. Fly Golden Eagle recently achieved a minor-miracle and got accepted for a residency at the Banff Cntre for the Creative Arts for 3 weeks in Banff, Canada. We’ll be leaving right after the record release, and will be working with Howard Bilerman (drummed on Arcade Fire’s Funeral, runs Hotel2Tango, mega-Producer), Tony Berg, Shawn Everett, and Graham Lessard, all worth looking into and respectable. We can do whatever we want, have the opportunity to record, and purge ourselves in the wilderness. We need your help to get up there and are foregoing Kick Starting anything and just working with face-to-face gifting. (If you can’t make the show or are out of town and still want to donate, you can do so at our PayPal here:


We’re proud of what we do and proud and honored to be friends with everyone. We can’t do anything apart from that. If everyone gives a little, we can make it.

So, in short:

Fly Golden Eagle Swagger release/Canada residency fundraiser

1012A Whites Creek Pk, Nashville TN, 37207

7pm, free, come one come all.
Let’s make it memorable. Spread the word.

Blacktooth Records Presents: Sunday School Shakedown


The raw and reformed Sarah Carter of underground, rock-bottom-but-that’s-the-way-I-like-it-so-I-can-have-more-time-to-watch-King-of-the-Hill no-fame comes at you today with a mix of heavenly gems. Sunday School Shakedown is a mix she compiled of her favorite gospel/salvation songs. Let’s just say it right out: Christians do weird things. Christianity is a weird thing. It’s the most beautiful, weird thing I can possibly think of. We here at Blacktooth Records are Christian as hell and that’s why we can say it. However, like Christianity and Sarah Carter’s music, this mix reflects the tension between form and content. On her EP Bravery, she utilizes the Folk format she loves so well, playing the auto harp and rocking those basic chords over and over, but what she sings about is far – very, very far – away from the old-time, picking party world that exists so rampantly here in Nashville. There’s no nostalgia, no pining for them olden days, because she has to get up while it’s still dark outside and teach kids in high school who are getting knocked up and who still don’t know how to read. Every one of her songs is uplifting and life affirming with just a hint of critical and judicial thinking sprinkled throughout. That’s bravery.

Now her mix. It’s slightly left-of-center, as would be expected. And it will save you. The characters and the beautiful voices that show up here are at once intriguing and inspiring. It’s not at all a surprise to me that Sister Gertrude Morgan is on here twice, because that’s the spirit of things that are probably taking place in Ms. Carter’s head. (For those unfamiliar with Sister Morgan I would advise you to read her bat-shit-crazy story and listen to her record and listen to King Britt’s interpretation of her work.) Cliff Gober’s rendition of, ‘I’m Just a Poor Wayfaring Stranger’ has the perfect balance of panache and self-deprecation you would expect from a follow of Jesus Christ and the Shaw Singers make us raise our modern day eyebrows with their song, ‘Since He Touched Me’.

Download it below (click the individual files and then click download all) and eventually we’ll post Sarah Carter’s EP as well. Happy Summer and more mixes soon to come as it all ends.

Sunday School Shake Down Mix


Previous summer mixes:

Square People’s It’s Hot and I Don’t Wanna Go Outside summer mix

Cock D’s summer of Soul Mix


in other news…news is coming.

Pin-ups in the shape of comets: SHABAZZ


Black Poets, Gil-Scott Heron, Fela Kuti, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Digable Planets (I know), KRS-One, The Roots: they all come to mind and Shabazz Palaces is their next guard. Torch in hand. It’s hard to even know where to start with them because ‘Black Up’ is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time. They love it and they mean it. Words are loaded, fired, absurd, flippant and provocative. The beats are next level and mind blowingly crisp and if Palaceer did loose the best beat he ever had (per the opening track and if there’s a better one I must have missed it), I’m not ready for it and couldn’t handle it. I’ll take grade-B, please. Also, Ishmael “Butterfly” Butler’s complete discography-obsession with the Ali/Frazier fight is worth your personal investigation.


green beans, purples, indigo/catchy yes but trendy no/never finished scheming though/that’s beneath Barbara Jean offspring with po/I never seem to know/gun beats comprise arsenal/up or don’t toss it at all.


No ironies arise/No predictable surprise/No sarcastic satires/Just ancient, patient beings/seeing to it you get high.


Hip-hop mysticism and where were you at?

Below are some culled tracks from Shabaz’s previous EPs and Black Up, as well as that new SBTRKT, remixed by D-Boy and then murrrdah’d by Palaceer Lazaro (although I can’t imagine how the hellĀ  they hooked up). The track retains that UK-minimal cool that’s flying around right now, but now it has a Cadillac-ready beat to it.
SBTRKT – Wildfire (Drumma Boy remix feat. Shabazz Palaces)

Shabazz Palaces – Are you… Can you… Were you? (Felt)

Shabazz Palaces – Recollections of the wraith

Shabazz Palaces – a mess, the booth soaks in palacian musk, palaceer in vintage LRG, yes pure NS, uppowndet watermelon lips beat

Toadies II

Good boy. Good boy get love. Good boy get love for pop music and love for good girl. Good, good.

More 2 soon. ‘Cept you gotta add big circles enveloping little circles in addition to those 3 intersecting lines you think you saw in that video.

Toadies II


Toadies II <—-video

In other worlds:
Tonight, our colleague, com-rad, co-conspirator, and constant clairvoyant, Davis Watson (aka Junto Rimur, aka Safron Willoughby, aka Saul Burke, aka The Polychronic Conservatory) will be premiering his pre-emanate piping film, GOOD PIPING, tonight, August 6th at O’More College of Design in Franklin, Tennessee. 5:30pm with a ‘Look Sharp’ add on. Here’s a “trailer”/teaser? It’s gonna be one of those things people talk about the morning after…if you know what I mean.

Good Piping <—-video


a-go go!