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Blacktooth Warehouse Knockdead: Spots

The Home Front.

Blacktooth’s second throw-down at The Zombie Shop was an outlandish success. This year featured sets by:

Oh Dang Lo Mein\\\\

The Hepatitties\\\\


JEFF the Brotherhood\\\\

Fly Golden Eagle\\\\

Cy Barkley\\\\

Hans Condor\\\\


One is tempted to ascribe the quote from Shakespeare’s Macbeth about an idiot signifying nothing when it comes to NBN/SoundLand/Sound-Town or the Nashville music “business” in general, however two other impulses/stories come to mind, and I avoid that route. My friend Michael told me a story last year during this Nashville Music Weakend. He was sitting at the bar at The End during a sold out JEFF show and next to him was his acquaintance that runs/puts on NBN/SL. JEFF made a pithy comment from the stage about NBN which provoked the NBN CEO to throw a bar stool at the wall of The End. Outraged and hurt. Fair or not.

One is reminded of Sartre’s comment regarding events in life. Either embrace it entirely and give it your best, or run and wash your hands of the situation. And if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t escape but do not agree with it, you can always kill yourself. Harsh, but probably true.

We here at Blacktooth are trying to exchange in the human currency with no ulterior motives. We try to have fun and be honest and accepting and understanding and attempt to seek out others in the same path who are obsessed and have a reciprocal fondness for the same thing. Without writing a manifesto it may be hard to understand, and seeing as I don’t believe in manifestos and am the one writing currently, you – the reader – won’t get one. Just hang out one time and you’ll probably get a sense of what wave we’re all riding (or at least which wave we aren’t riding). I’m not trying to draw lines in the sand or place my understanding of the cosmos/art/music on a higher platform – we’re all in this thing together – there are just things that exist and ways of existing that aren’t for us and we see no benefit in. That view may seem at odds with the threatening camera angles, but it’s our optic and we’re sticking to it (-ish).


The Warehouse party is – in some way – the progenitor of our energy and the locus of our desire, certainly as far as ideas go. It was fantastic to have groups that weren’t in our immediate circle playing righteous tunes and diversifying everyone’s sounds and minds, and hopefully this was a move with which many more could be made. Many thanks to everyone who played, came out, laughed and danced. We tried to bring energy to the Nashville scene and I think all of us succeeded. Some pictures are below as well as the Blacktooth releases. GO SEE all the bands listed above. Everyone of them love it and mean it. I don’t even know if we’re all on the same page, in fact, I can almost guarantee we aren’t, but everyone hit something similar and it resonated that night. We’re going to try and compile a video and we want more pictures , so if anyone has any, send them our way.

In the words of our friend who summed the night well: Love was everywhere! That’s why the air was so fresh (terbacky smoke aside). That old maxim, “to labor in the arts for any other reason then love is prostitution” was personified by all the bands No ‘tudes, tickets, excess of cool or cameras or phones, just booze and great goddang music and people. And D E M E T R I A’s four-eyed mug.

Oh Dang Lo Mein


JEFF the Brotherhood


Hans Condor


Here’s the Hepatitties album as well as !FGE’s:



Till next time:

!FGE: Swagger

that’ll get you Fly Golden Eagle’s new one, Swagger. They still need some bones for their Canadian residency, so donate via Paypal below (you don’t have to have Paypal to donate).

4 Fly Golden Eagle to get to Canada!

Swagger Tracklist


1. 2nd Hour of the Night (5:48)
2. Psyche’s Dagger (4:23)
3. Need Some Money (5:09)
4. Take You There (7:03)
5. Violet Crown (4:56)
6. Make It Memorable (4:41)
7. Far Out (5:03)
8. Devil’s Eye (3:40)
9. Mysterious Morning (1:34)
10. Bed of Roses (4:57)
11. Long Time Coming (5:02)


 4 Fly Golden Eagle to get to Canada!