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Jota Ese ][ eastsidegetdownmuzik



Jota Ese, who we know nothing and everything about, just dropped this very solid mixtape filled with all types of goodies, from Charles Bradley samples, Scott Davis (district 6, yo) call outs, raw and real bass/guitar lines, psych-fuzz samples, friend strokes, etc. etc. All original, all worth it. Check his site out and download it.
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Jota Ese – eastsidegetdownmuzik (click!)



The State of Kuwait: Shock & Awetober



But is it worth it?///








Nothing is more useless to man than those arts which have no utility – Ovid, c. 17


I hope you are not just bored, exhausted and fed up and don’t have the faculties to explain that you simply bored, exhausted and fed up. No one knows what to make of anything, but that’s ok. It’s a hard time to be alive right now, but it’s a very exciting time. Just like every day.

Lady in a Veil