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BlackTooth Records – - – OPEN

Happy Black Friday!!!!!!!
BlackTooth is proud to announce that Chrome Pony’s “Illegal Smiles” and Fly Golden Eagle’s “Swagger” cassettes are available for $5 at The Groove and Grimey’s in Nashville, TN. And starting this Monday you can order them here off our Web-page! And if that isn’t exciting enough, you can also go to stores on the inter-web such as i-tunes and purchase “Swagger” for $9.99. So after you get through waiting in line at Best Buy, Jo-Ann Fabrics, and TJ Maxx, swing on over to your local record store and pick up a copy. And while you’re waiting in line think of all the fun you could have this Friday at The End watching Fly Golden Eagle play with Ranch Ghost, and Next Year’s Men (from Chapel Hill).

Whoop Whoop!

Square People (SOLO) :: God’s Taste in Music



It’s not been a while since we’ve heard from the Square People camp and won’t be long before we hear from them again. What has been missing is a proper solo Square People record . Seriously: they used to come out 3 or 4 times a year. But it’s not like Chris Murray has been busy or anything.

At any rate, here it is, the first major solo Square People work in a long time: the tactfully named God’s Taste in Music. Mr. Murray debuted this set at that righteous Halloween bash we all played at and it’s great to hear it recorded down. “Ha” has a fantastic guitar solo in it.

God’s Taste In Music by SQUARE PEOPLE


Download the record by clicking here <click!>

gooble gobble.

Chrome Pony: Illegal Smiles


Institution: Blacktooth Records

Course: Illegal Smiles: Chrome Pony 101 (BT007)

Instructor(s): Tyler Davis, Kyle Davis

Class Summary: Participants will cover both generally and specifically the currents that exist within the album entitled Illegal Smiles by the beatific brother-duo, Chrome Pony. Listeners should have a previous knowledge of thrashy, catchy riffs and hooks, in addition to being familiar with what Psychologists refer to as “having a good time.” An undergraduate degree in drumming is recommended – but not required  – seeing as Kyle plays better than you.

Participants will use said tools to explore ideas and shades within Illegal Smiles, including, but not limited to: The Eschaton, the mathematical assumptions implicit in the “Time = Money” equation, Rock and Roll, legal and illegal substances and their physiological and social effects, one night stands, the Aristotelian notion of Virtuous living, as well as many others.

Students will probably pass unless they don’t know how to cut loose and dance.


Download below and go on out and have you some fun.

As Always,

Blacktooth Records



Blacktooth Records Presents: VEMB (mix)

Falling back, thinking forward, currently living as Fall sets in fully here in Nashville. As deemed appropriate by myself and my fellow constituents/magic baggers, we have culled a mix together of songs that the universe has deemed worthy of “Fall-sounding.” We have zipped them up, wrapped them in binary wrapping paper, and prepared them for the sharing. Track listing and download link below.


We look forward to seeing you all soon and have official and unofficial releases on the horizon. The end of the 2011 year will prove itself to be fully of bounty and booty.




Roy Orbison – Life Fades Away//Francis and the Lights – For Days//Richard Hawley – Roll River Roll//The Kinks – I Go To Sleep (Demo Version)// Small Faces – Runaway//Bendik Singers – Arfotid// Stan Rogers – Barrett’s Privateers//Smog – Palimpsest//Odetta – ‘Buked and Scorned//Καροτσερη Τραβα – Μαριζα Κωχ//King Britt – Live Like Jesus//trog’low – Grandma’s Rocking Chair//Elvis Presley – Fever//The Velvet Underground – Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ (Early Version)//Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Mother Nature Kneels//Twinkle Brothers – Magnetic Enforcer//France Gall – Laisse Tomber Les Filles//Stevie Nicks – Wild Heart (Early Backstage Version)


VEMB <click!>