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Blacktooth Records presents: TV John Langworthy

Blacktooth Records Presents – all the way from the adrenal gland of this great nation, Washington D.C. – TV John Langworthy. A very strangely talented older dude that gets songs from his dreams, TV John has his own Public Access TV show in D.C., as well as a back catalog of epic proportions. One that we want to share with the people of Nashville. So we are.

Starting this week, we’ve assembled TV John a backing band like none other (featuring members of Chrome Pony, Fly Golden Eagle, Majestico, Nikki Lane, etc.) and we will be recording 2 new songs for official Blacktooth release, in addition to hijacking Mercy Lounge on 1/9, shooting a video, and at the end of it all, will bring it to you LIVE on 1/14 at the fabulous FooBAR in what will prove to be spectacular brilliance.

1/14, FooBar (Free):
Fly Golden Eagle
TV John Langworthy

Here’s a video. Investigate this man. A true artist, craftsman, genealogist, and a descendant of the 1st pharaoh of the 1s Egyptian dynasty, Narmer.