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Fly Golden Eagle::Chrome Pony














The aforementioned bands are hitting the road for 10 days on the back of dime with a screaming Elysian dream cum Reality. See below:


March 2 : House Show : 2600 E Dekist St. Bloomington, IN

March 3 : Foam City : 407 N 3rd St. Lafayette, IN 47901

March 4 : Mediumship HQ : 1256 Wright St. Indianapolis, IN 46220

March 6 : Collective Warehouse : 4015 Tennessee Ave. Chattanooga, TN 37409

March 7 : The Lone Goose : 108 Cleveland Avenue Northwest, Huntsville, AL 35801

March 8 : Eclipse Coffee : 1032 Main St. Montavello, AL 35115

March 9 : Channel Zilch : 119 3rd St. Clarksdale, MS 38614

March 10 : Lamplighter : 1702 Madison Ave. Memphis, TN 38104

March 11 : Richard’s House : 1119 N. 2nd St. Nashville, TN 37206


Come on and hang then. Tooth-Thousand Twelve.

Square People: Mysteries and Secrets Unzipped

It’s debatable whether or not the band Square People (or, for that matter, the individual members contained within) are indeed lazy and/or nervous. Sometimes they might be, other times not. Their latest release – a movie – fits perfectly within that continuum. Is it lazy or assiduous? Is the movie itself nervous or rather forthcoming? Yes. Heed it. They heed it. They heed.

“Mysteries and Secrets Unzipped” debuted at the Noa-Noa house last night, and there were moments of laughter, confusion, sensory-overload, and all smiles. I feel confident in saying this movie brought joy.  Someone artificially flavored the popcorn the flavor of lime. This is either a command or an anecdote.  We have decided, then, to understand the fledgling star in the press, especially when the gold-laden runs of distorted ideas actually arrive at some arrival point that they were forever returning to arrive at. Square People the band and Square People the movie do that. You can watch the movie below and download the songs at Square People’s bandcamp <click!>


TV John – The Dream Man

















TV John – The Dream Man

  1. Drone
  2. Ya-Ya
  3. Cell Phone
  4. Do the Bomp
  5. All About You

Download “The Dream Man”: <click!>




The Limited Edition cassette of “The Dream Man” (BT009) is in the store and the tunes are yours to live. Listen to the single “Ya-Ya” below. The music video for Cell Phone, shot by Jake Smith and edited by Drew Maynard (click!), is the ride you’ve been waiting for. The treats in this one singular moment are irreplaceable and inexplainable. Remember: the tapes contain a clue to a special Blacktooth Records Sweepstakes Prize! Jake Smith shot and edited the behind-the-scenes footage as well.
TV John – Ya-Ya by BlackToothMunch


TV John came from Washington D.C. to Nashville in a swirl of coupons, melodic, and lyrical ideas and crashed into the Blacktooth Camp for one insane collaboration. Ben Trimble arranged the terms and agreements after taking an interest in exploring the nexus of creativity and originality. TV John cooked us ribs and conveyed his song-dreams to us, we arranged the new tunes, learned a few of his preexisting hits (“Party Animal“, “Elivs’s Brain” etc.), and played one hell of a show at The Zombie Shop. We are thankful to have shared the world-unto-itself that is TV John Langworthy’s. We won’t soon forget it. He was a “party animal” and hopefully, after hearing these new songs, you will be also.

Musicians on the tracks (in alphabetical order): Ben Trimble (Bass, Electric Guitar, Drums), Chris Murray (Saxophone), Mitch Jones (Organ, Keys), Ricardo Alessio (Piano, Bass, Electric Guitar, Synths), Richard Harper (Drums, Bass), Sean Thompson (Lead Electric Guitar).

BGVs: Brittany Painter Shaw, Lilly Lomein, Liz Thielemann, Josh Harper, Kim McCulla.

Recorded by Mitch Jones at Lil Biv Town

Mixed by Ben Trimble at Lil Biv Town and The Bomb Shelter

Mastered by Andija Tokic at The Bomb Shelter

Pictures by Jota Ese


TV John Launch, 2/15/12


Ladies and Gentlemen, start spreading the word now. On Wednesday, February 15th, the newest release from Blacktooth Records will be live: TV John’s record, “The Dream Man,” will be available as a free, high-quality mp3 download, as well as a limited edition run on cassette for purchase from the Store. The cassettes come with a chance to win a special Blacktooth Records sweepstake prize, so get them while they’re still around!

Accompanying TV John’s tunes will be the music video we shot at the Opryland Hotel for the track, “Cell Phone,” as well as a behind-the-scenes documentary of the recording process, featuring hilarious out-takes, exclusive interviews with all the musicians (maybe), and a extensive peek into the mind of the Dream Man himself.

Trust us, it’s the perfect thing to listen to after a sweet Valentine’s Day with your Honey.

Listen to “The Dream Man” single, ‘Ya-Ya’ below.

TV John – Ya-Ya by BlackToothMunch



Pyscho Tropism

Ben Trimble of Fly Golden Eagle/Majestico has delved deep into the pockets of the psychedelic music world and has brought forth a swirling mix. Orginially posted on !FGE’s site <click!> you can Download and get the Track list below. Get out your plane, people.

Brought to you by the number the World, the lack of Denny’s in Bolder, CO, and the Native Drums on Josephine Foster’s forthcoming record.


PsychoTropic MixTape #1 <click!>

1.We Aint Got Nothin’ Yet – Blues Magoos
2.LSD 25- 5 Gentlemen
3.Que E Isso – Loyce E Os Gnomes
4.Dirty Water – The Standells
5.Lucifer Sam – Pink Floyd
6.Take A Heart – The Sorrows
7.Maintenant Un Voyou – Bruno Levs
8.The Lantern – Mac Rybell
9.Phir Teri Yaad – Hemant Bhosle ft. Asha Bhosle
10.I don’t Wanna Go – Southern Sound
11.Dharmatma Theme Music – Kalyanji Anandji
12.O Carona – Tony E Som Colorido
13.30 Century Man – Scott Walker
14.Meri Aakhon Mein Ek Sapna Hai – Sapan Jagmohan Ft. Mohd Rafi and Pankaj Mittra
15.I Ain’t No Miracle Worker – The Brogues
16.Nobody Spoil My Fun – The Seeds
17.I Want to Live – Mascots
18.Somebody To Love – Kalyanji Anandji
19.Sitar Beat – Klaus Doldinger
20.Fleurs De Pavot Blues – Charlotte Walters
21.Do you Wanna Touch Me (oh Yeahs) – Gary Glitter


Original drawing by Ricardo Alessio: “Fig. 1 – Chlorosis”


‎”[It's] to open up an emotional field rather than a discursive field. I mean, so much of what is happening in the world today is happening at the level of political discourse – people jockeying for rhetorical positions and trying to defend this or vilify that without really having any felt experiential, emotional understanding of the issues at play. And I think as artists, we [feel] uniquely positioned by our sort of idealism as young students and our intelligence, or at least our avidity to explore and research and give form to that, to offer meaningful contributions.” – Ayad Akhtar


Set in between the two, we will begin anew and on repeat. We will find the fresh, bitter berries and the rat-fed toxins. We see the utopia in the gutter and the gutter’s place in utopia (which is just our imagination unfettered). Forever, mysteries remain, thus we seek our shared experiences and try to give voice to those, couched comfortably in our language game. Good, brave, you! Thy quest to never end.  ”It is in dialogue with pain that many beautiful things acquire their value,” to summarize a million tropes over a million years. Yet here we go, cross the leg.

This is the Reproduction of Daily Life (Perlman) that we try to shake out from. A simulacrum of existence, the theater of the absurd. Our true moments are when we stand erect, never to crawl. We will eat dirt if we have to. “Don’t beg for the right to live – take it,” said one of the May 1968 graffiti in France, and while we (or at least myself) may part from the latter half of that statement in part, we (or at least myself) agree with it on the whole.

So: how then shall we live?

Lots to come as the months roll on in the year of the Mayan: posted [blacktooth]