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Slap Up

So much righteous stuff this week, we had to present it to you in a harvested form, 92% BTR approved. The USDA comes a-callin’ when we slap our stamp on produce.

Here are a list of things happening in Nashville this week that we will be at:


SUNDAY (4/29)—-

The Phantom Farmer//Chrome Pony//Calico Cat

The End//9pm

—-The Phantom Farmer is Joel Dahl’s (By Lightening) solo work and it’s first record release show. This guy has recorded many of the find projects that you (or will) enjoy around town, and a few you won’t. Prolific in his work ethic, unassuming in his nature, go hear this man spit the truth. He’s the doctor around these parts. Chrome Pony supports and you know we pop for that.


MONDAY (4/30)—-

Joey Molinaro//Chris Murray

1119 N 2nd St//9PM (FOR REAL)

—-Take yourself all the way there with this one. Joey Molinaro is  thrash, solo violinist and Chris Murray is a thrash, solo saxer that helms the Square People project. Free Jazz, Free Thoughts, Free Show (Save buying/donate to Joey the Tour). C’mon then.


TUESDAY (5/1)—-

Hot Chicken Night at the VFW followed by music:

Bombino//William Tyler//Cherry Blossoms

VFW Post 1970//$10 //8pm


<click!> to listen

—-Personally, I’m stoked on this one more than most things I’m usually stoked on. Bombino is a Tuareg guitarist from Niger, Africa who’s been exiled, had band members executed, all to be “welcomed back” by the nation(s) his protest songs are about. Serious business here, folks. This one is not to be missed, with two killer opening local acts and a fully engaged evening planned out.



Lushlife (Philly)//Cities Aviv (Memphis)//Jota Ese

Mercy Lounge-High Watt//$10//9pm

lounted in the basement by JOTA ESE

—-Who is Jota Ese? You’ve heard his two/too dope mix tapes, you’ve pondered his premises, now see he revealed. Debut live show?Lounted Hip-Hop? Enigma be gone? See you idiots there.


SATURDAY (5/5)—-

This day is insane and you probably already have plans. Oh Dang Lo Mein is playing at Local Taco and Fly Golden Eagle is playing at the End. That’s racist, know what I’m talmbout?


Call me Snap. Out.

Hands vs. Skeletons



Tonight, at a relatively abandoned-yet-for-sale-forever building across from Franz, Cricket, or the Family Wash (depending on your geographical orientation as well as your socio-economic bracket), Johnathan Davis’s art will be displayed, Matt Tocco’s drinks will be made, and we here at Blacktooth Records will be spinning. It’s a party for all your senses and it’s pretty surgical.

Take a peek, won’t you? We’ve had this in the wheelhouse for a while, so we’re pretty excited.

$5 to participate in the liberation of the cocktail, the rest is free or donation.

Clouded Culture

“If a church or a government were doing these things, it would feel authoritarian, but when technologists are the culprits, we seem hip, fresh, and inventive. People will accept ideas presented in technological form that would be abhorrent in any other form. It is utterly strange to hear my many old friends in the world of digital culture claim to be the true sons f the Renaissance, without realizing that using computers to reduce individual expression is a primitive, retrograde activity, no matter how sophisticated your tools are.”  - Jaron Lanier (You Are Not a Gadget)



Get right with it everybody. Record Store Day 2012 is gwon be too tight.

There’s a lot of really good bands, free beer (I think?) and Black Diamond. Who is a Black Neil Diamond impersonator. Who will be on a roof. And that’s reason enough.

Plus The Groove carries all of the Blacktooth Releases and they rule on a personal level.

We’ll see you there. And so will he:


The handy boys (and 1 girl last night!) in Fly Golden Eagle won The Road to Bonnarro III last night. As their prize, they get to go play Bonnaroo with the option of being clean.

To everyone that helped – from that one girl bringing those hybrid humans back in the day that changed our whole perspective on things to that one guy that sat down and told us a story last Tuesday – THANK YOU. Year of the Tooth is doing all right so far, according to recent stats.

As usual, stay tuned. More to come soon.


Russell: Spiritual Advisor & Life Coach/Local love for Foreign-Local love


Bill Rowe here.

I’m taking time out of my increasingly busy business life – managing these young ruffians here at Blacktooth Records is exhausting – to let you all know about my new Spiritual Advisor & Life Coach, Russell. Things have gotten so busy and convoluted with this business venture, I had to start making the tough decisions. Decisions such as, ‘do I eat local and slow even though I don’t have time to?’ and, ‘should I get a global phone number?’ Those all were relatively easy, but one that took the most deliberation was whether I was going to tend to my business life or my spiritual life. We all know it’s impossible to do both, and we also know which one I would pick given the inevitable crossroads (business, duh). So I’m pleased to announce the latest addition to Blacktooth Records via my own forced life, Russell, Spiritual Advisor & Life Coach extraordinaire.

I met him at Percy Priest lake and I saw him just walk off the island while we were on Andrija’s boat. He said he had just gotten back from Manhattan and said he found me. Welcome him as you would a new release from us here. They’re the same thing. Trust me.


In other news:

Also, the local-well-to-do-enough-Alt paper here in Nashville, hereafter known as “The Scene”, was very sweet to profile some lovely Blacktooth bands (and non-Blacktooth bands) who were playing at the Basement for our friends that run the Memetic Society, the label in Chattanooga that put outta ton of 45′s for bands in Tennessee they thought were cool (we told you about it here: <click!>). Some great quotes include, “dweeby,” “California-sun” and “danceabilty.” Good job Majestico, Faux Ferocious and Fly Golden Eagle! You guys are great.

Read the Scene article here: <click!>


Hello tin ears and wooden tongues (or any other charmingly gnomic conversation starters we could have started the charming conversation with).

Been a spit. For that, you won’t receive much. Only the promise of our time here at Blacktooth being spent well and with due diligence.  Everyone has been stirring good pots, the soups of which you shall all taste soon enough. I can tell you, however, that as of APRIL 11th, we here at Blacktooth Records will have purchased 14 pay-phone numbers in the greater Nashville area! We are honored to be included in this elite league of people, and we cherish each cenotaph as one would all great objects of antiquity. Other quarter-a-call owners in the greater Nashville area include Shoney’s, HCA, and the Clinton-Gore ’92 campaign! You will soon be able to order your favorite Blacktooth Records releases in complete anonymity, which is somewhat of a rare commodity these days. Be 0n the look out.

We appreciate the help and encouragement we’ve received thus far, and are haggardly going forth, leaving our caves and heading toward the light (or at least the fire). Fly Golden Eagle and Majestico are playing Friday (4/6) at the Basement for a Memetic Society release party, alongside Faux Ferocious. They were kind enough to release 45′s for us all here. Come have a good time!


Perch your hawks on the wrist of Caeser, be great, and carve deep heel-marks, to abuse the poet Robinson Jeffers’ lines.