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Winning the Game

“Soon the tradition of winning the game with one swing of the bat will forever be a thing of the past.”

(Graffiti by John Hood and Matt Sharer at Santa Moses’s art party – thrown Blacktooth style – at the start of the summer of 2012.)

Prep work. Holla at yo boi.

Leonard Cohen – Chelsea Hotel #1


Chelsea Hotel #2 has been hammered into the universe’s consciousness and Hotel #1 just came screaming back like an illegitimate bastard from the LBJ-era demanding its’ father’s acknowledgment that it existed.

More religious and feverish in nature than it’s fine-tuned, publicly-presentable younger brother (the fellatio line not withstanding), here in Tel-Aviv, L. Cohen sounds more like a man who has visited a Pentecostal church on accident and, despite the fact that he usually would never get worked up over anything resembling religious fervor, he can’t help but get lost in the sway of the spirit and say it how he feels it. (Although his rapture is piss-poor compared to the dedicated Pentecostal).

A treat that does come to me through this song is the line about living in Tennessee. When I saw L. Cohen a few years back he told a brief story about living in Leiper’s Fork, TN, just south of Nashville. That imagery surfaces (unsure exactly what East Fork means) and I’m taunted by my own past there.


download Chelsea Hotel #1 here: <click!>




Fly Golden Eagle will be playing 2 shows zis week:

5/18 at the High Watt with Fool’s Gold (click here: <click!>) and 5/21 at the Unitarian Lodge with Action! and Each Other (click here: <click!>)


Chrome Pony will be at the Bomb Shelter next week, recording their follow-pup to Illegal Smiles, which is tentatively called Pizza Burden or Prove it Wasn’t Poppy Seeds. If they go through with naming their album based on a pun I might be really upset. But it’ll be out.


Majestico and Ranch Ghost are going to go play shows out of town. When someone gives me dates, I’ll put them up here. Bill Rowe is out of town, so I’m manning the turret for now, but I don’t know how good of a job I’m doing when I can’t even get tour dates that are happening in a week. Leave a comment so the boss doesn’t fire me.



Reverend Cohen




R. Price


An awful lot has been written about Ray Price, so for multiple reasons I’ll abstain from going on. However, it can’t be said enough that the man was awesome. Country music, people. It’s a weird thing and everyone knows it. It was back then, too. I’m posting a collection of Ray Price intros WFMU culled together that the ace of a session-fiddle player Tommy Jackson starts off almost the exact same way every time. And yet I still love these songs. This wouldn’t be acceptable today! Of course, in some ways the same thing still happens, but you get the point.

Back in the late 50s-early 60s people would very often go to dances and hear music for the first time, and The Cherokee Cowboy hit that circuit hard. One of my favorite records by Ray Price is “Night Life,” songs dedicated, you’d imagine, to the seeder and, admittedly, more fun times of life. “The night life ain’t no good life/but it’s my life.” That self-effacing seriousness is what gets me. Willie Nelson wrote the title song for him and spares the sauntering sermon that Ray delivers on his version, however I believe them both. And that doesn’t happen too much.

Here are some tunes to jam (click, then download/stream):

Ray Price: Walking Slow And Thinking Bout Her

Willie Nelson: Night Life

Ray Price: intros


Here is a scathing review of our latest release, “The Dream Man” by MTV-E, a good blog that drunkenly reviews marginalized music from Nashville (supposedly) and is more interested art than in fun: