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JOTA ESE – Who’s Pimpin Who, Courtney Jaye?


Jota Ese will soon be crowned a little bit, perhaps noticed a little bit, maybe even take more shots of Tequila in a little bit, but suffice it to say – no matter what bit drops – he don’t stop. I don’t even know how many records the dude’s put out at this point, but I think I’ve heard them all. Most of them at least. I’m trying to pad my rep before I blast this record, nawmean?

Regardless, he put this one out at the perfect time. And that could mean a few things. Perfect time as in: The Mayan 2012 end-o’-the-world hasn’t happened, so that’s good timing. It could also mean in regards to the weather: Summer-bikini-babe-club-jams are out, smooth, break-you-open-with-a-thimble tunes are cropping back into rotation. It could also mean that the unspoken needed to be spoken and I’ll be damned if I saw it coming from this guy.

I won’t focus on the mildly-provocative title, because odds are it doesn’t matter to you. Make it abstract and you’ve got it. Musically, Jota just straight nails it on this one. You have everything that he’s been stirring together in his lounted pot for a long time, all finally marinating with each other and all the spices and herbs. You’ve got that jazz, the jive, the poetry – as Doodlebug would say. You got the psych-out freak-out, you’ve got the beats, the lows and the highs. You’ve got Bob James for heaven’s sake. It’s erudite and edgy. It’s full of late night groove juice and poppin’ off commentary (quietly). The video that goes along with it is well worth the watch. It’s good. Jota Ese’s good. I’m beginning to wonder if, like the album’s opening sample, he didn’t find some crossroads off of Dickerson where the green grass grows. Maybe he met the album’s Miss there.

Download here: <click!>

Watch the album’s movie here: <click!>


Majestico – Love Is God (Vid + 7″)


Majestico is releasing a fairly good take of their staple songs this Saturday. Get on it, get played on, get tape on it. The neon kind. Watch out for the punks that come your way, Bay-Bay say. Is Love God? say Jose but we don’t know so now you know. I’d personally rather see my teeth in drag than drag my teeth all around this town but that’s the city for you. Good luck.

Watch the video below. Shot by Jake Smith and Graham Fitz Fitz



Fly Golden Eagle – Devil’s Eye (Basilisk) Official Video

DA can SD

It’s been a busy few weeks on the home front and out and about for us here at the Tooth, and that means a busy time to come here on the net bot.

There are real life things happening, people. Some will get mentioned here. Others will not. Be of a sweet mind and not at all in milquetoast land. While things are not inchoated, we are still shaking the dew off of this black tooth we found. Sweat and bones and rowdy tones.

For now:


More 2 come, chicks.