Monthly archive for November 2012

I’ll Take You Too: Promised Land’s “Stoned Eagle”










Promised Land: Stoned Eagle. Sean, Joey, Ric and Evan have done good and you should be able to make it through the coming winter a bit easier now. Their music comes from an unabashed love of music, I can assure you of that. Stream/buy below.


If I Could Just Hear…

Chris Murray of too-many-projects-to-name recently disolved Square People and is atoning for his critical mistakes in life by releasing an exuberant and solipsistic album called “Master’s Voice” and wants to make money off of it. Will this bandcamp host all of Mr. Murray’s future releases in one, slick place? We’ll see. RSS that shit, yo.

Bounce it. It’s goofy and fun. GET YO FOOTWORK.