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Chrome Pony – Lazy Bones (pre-order + free track)


In one week the new tape of Chrome Pony’s record will be live!

Order your tape before 3/5 and you’ll get a free song (the album’s closer, “Black Smoke”) emailed to you and the tape will be shortly on the way.

Click here to pre-order!


Blacktooth Records presents: Chrome Pony – Lazy Bones (new album)


On March 5th, Blacktooth Records is proud to release the new record by Chrome Pony, entitled Lazy Bones.

This is Chrome Pony’s first full length and you get to go on a real fast and fun ride with this one, ladies.

Chrome Pony is obviously the brothers Davis, Tyler and Kyle, with Matt Shaw (Fly Golden Eagle/Majestico) playing bass, and Ben Trimble (Fly Golden Eagle) and Matt Menold (Clear Plastic Masks) also chipping in. It was recorded at The Bomb Shelter and Ben’s house, produced by Ben Trimble and Chrome Pony, engineered by Ben and Andrija Tokic, and Andrija also mixed and mastered it at the Bomb Shelter.

Them’s the deetz and we’ll have more for you as the day approaches.

Visit their website here: <click!>

Chrome Pony – Lazy Bones

1. Base of the Mountain
2. Domesticated
3. Fun Girls
4. Good Times
5. Ciggy Stardust
6. Never walk Away
7. Island Fever
8. Motorcycles Don’t Lie
9. Black Smoke


Added !FGE’s T-shirt to the store because we can. Get’em. Only M/L’s left because they are so dope.

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one sees.

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