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The Doctorine


Currently on hour 4 of this 12 hour mix of Black Classical’s History of Spiritual Jazz. It’s worth a listen and a dig through (Eddie Gale!?), however you gotta do it.

The Universe has many wonders, God is all…thoughts, deeds, vibrations, they all go back to God and he cleanses all…We are all from one thing: The will of God.”

via The Word is Bond (click for mix/download)

The art of approaching that which surpasses us.











Odysseus Elytis

Only Woman DJ With Degree: Sister Nancy

‘Bout that time, says I.

It’s getting warmer and if you’ve never heard the sweet tunes by Sister Nancy, then allow her to start your spring off right. Before you get into all that Dub-Hot weather and need more Space Echo to reflect your body being cooked by the heat, Nancy’s tunes will mellow and groove, simmer and pop. Perfect. Below is her “hit” and another that rules. I’ve always had a real tenuous relationship with Dancehall-era reggae, and this is hands down the best I’ve heard for my taste. Her lyrics swim around intelligibility, her beats are laid back, and her melodies are top shelf.

Sight, indeed.

Sister Nancy – Bam Bam
Sister Nancy – No Any Man Can Test Sister Nancy

FYI: The Dangers of LCD Screens


With pocket phones and computers being all the rage, we begin to wonder about which of these manufactures our handling our lives with a potential recklessness. One of the first lessons we should take from history is that those who do not learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them, and – as is the case with every new advance in human societies – we’ve seen countless examples of technology that is still in need of development being implemented into society’s daily use with zero regard to the harmful effects on the users (i.e. Garbage Disposals, Ice Makers, GMOs, etc.). So it stands to reason that we should raise the red flag as to the safety of iPhones and computers. However, unlike others, we want to focus today on LCD screens specifically. These are the silent killers among us today.

Den Rest lesen…


This will be most legit. Majestico starts at 8 and extrapolate accordingly.

It’s true…


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