Monthly archive for June 2013

Quiche In the Middle East


Quichenight rules, puns do not. 2 jamz off Brett Rosenberg’s latest for you cause it’s sticky. Hometown throw down.

Quichenight – Space Gaggers
Quichenight – World of Hate

Yeezus Crust


On a lighter note today, have you all heard about the ear-to-the-tracks rumor that’s going around about Crust Punks getting way, way, way in to Kanye’s new record? We here at Blacktooth Records know the guy that started the whole Crust Punk thing and he said this is unlike anything he’s ever seen (for the record: he gave Yeezus a crisp endorsement). It’s a phenomenon for sure. This sub-group tends to be generally untrustworthy and in possession of mercurial tastes at best – in addition to only enjoying things in an ironic sense: Waka Flocka Flame, Anarchy, etc – however this one seems to have actually stuck.

Must be the booze, misogyny, and Deepak Chopra references. Whatever it is, I’m glad.

The Morning Greets You

We’ve mentioned these dudes before. We’ve done this before. This is an interesting way of seeing them and I mean interesting with keeping its etymology in mind. Doors at 8, $20 gets you everything you want in life. Mostly.

Poster made by Ricardo Alessio, the hero.


You Can’t Sajack a Trebek

Those Guy Fawkes masks can go away along with the NSA.