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No Way

photo by Matt Jernigan

D/L: Solomon Burke – If You Need Me



They want to sound like they promised their daddies they’d make it for them and damn if they didn’t nail it. Promised Land Sound’s debut album comes out today via Paradise of Bachelors and we remember when they played their first show way back when at our Summer Party…they were just innocent little Promised Land then. Free of legal issues and way worse at their instruments. Now look at ‘em, all boutique and high and ripping sweet licks and singing. D/L a track by them at the bottom because they can jam.

Record done at the Bomb Shelter by Andrija Tokic and Jem Cohen and that’s all. The release show is this Saturday – 9/28 –  at Jem and co.’s Found Object with label mate Steve Gunn and Weekend Babes.

FYI: Guitarist Sean Thompson played lead on the Blacktooth Release of TV John – The Dream Man.

Listen: Promsed Land Sound – River No More

Florida In My Mind


Here’s a tricky one. Dungen’s multi-instrumentalist/bassist Mattias Gustavsson has a few “solo” records under the Life On Earth! moniker on Subliminal Sounds. Now, we here at Blacktooth have an undying and unapologetic love for Dungen. They are easily one of the best working bands who’s influence has gone massively understated and undervalued. So needless to say, when I found out about this Look! There Is stuff a few weeks ago, I was excited. And then I listened to it.

It’s not that it’s bad, in fact it’s kind of great. The first full length, “Look!! There Is,” has all those elements you like about Dungen and it’s tighter both in muscle and in orientation…and then the voice kicks in. And then you hear what he’s singing about. And then you realize that it’s all the same. And then you spend the week listening to the other Life On Earth! and seeing that nothing ever really works but nothing really fails and it varies which element is which. Like I said: tricky.

The music certainly takes you somewhere, though. And the transition of the Jeremy Steig-esque flute on Life On Earth!’s titular track on “Look!! There Is” is really great. Hearing another Dungen song with a stand in vocalist could be worth it alone (Johan Holmegard plays drums and Gustav Ejstes does his usual insane work) but in a lot of ways it’s more than that. The album A Space Water Loop is probably the one that really stands the best on its own and its a rad listen. But whatever, I love this shit…I just wish he wouldn’t sing in English because it sounds dumb (as beautiful as all the hippy ideas he’s expressing are). But if potential polyglots and lost-in-translation-isms are the worst complaints I have, I’d still tell you to listen to it.


Listen: Life On Earth! – “Life on Earth”


In what is no doubt a shrewd business move, Chris Murray – musician, artist, writer, liar, and overall good dude – has started a recycled tape label with all the right threads and frills attached to it.





Check it out. We half-assedly support it, and it has Murray’s latest project, Textbook Punk, fully stocked, which is as it should be. Featuring music that mostly will blow your space balls out of your perception holes, TBP offers a tiny corner of the great expansive music world that Nashville lacks in its entirety, primarily due to over compensation via Metro-Masculinity. There is no throw back.

Note: TBP04 or: Jerkwater Burg was an original Blacktooth CD-R release (BTR011) from our art installation in The Arcade last summer, available on tape for the first time. Read Murray’s summation of it below and the initial press-festo here: <click!>


“Jerkwater Burg” is a cassette re-issue of the sound component of an art installation of the same name, originally released as a tiny batch of CD-Rs by Blacktooth Records, all of which sold out at the show’s opening on November 3, 2012. “JWB” was a collaborative project, helmed by Matt Jernigan (M.F.A., School of the Art Academy of Chicago.)

As one of the only truly immersive installations ever presented at Nashville’s First Saturday Art Crawl, “JWB” featured a sod-covered ramp, surrounded by flourescent floor lights and leading to a fountain which sprayed a glowing green liquid. Jagged black and white stripes adorned the walls of the tiny room and to call the experience “psychedelic” would be putting it lightly.

The music, or rather, sound contained on this cassette is the static, gurgling effects broadcast over loudspeakers throughout the opening. Whether it reminds you of a New England bay or PC alert messages, it makes a rather nice “light noise” soundtrack for your next meditation session, dinner party or acid trip. Dubbed on “Tomorrow’s News – Today” C60s. Limited to four copies.