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A “rare groove” if there ever was one, Haruomi Hosono “Rose & Beast” trucks on every level. Coming to you from Japan’s finest rock and roll band Happy End – as well as a more prolonged stay as Yellow Magic Orchestra – Mr. Hosono obviously has some sort of alchemist touch. He eventually got into video game music, and this song is the only addition I could ever think of when it comes to something like Katamari Damacy’s soundtrack. Roll it massive.

Harumoi Hosono – Rose & Beast

Makin’ It Rain


The Meters – Stormy


Rainy Nashville day : The Meters’ “Stormy” :: Michael Jordan : Children

Until It’s Devoured and To Skirt Away Again


I back our Southern local for a few reasons and scrape it clean for a few more. One of the reasons for my loyalty though is the bizarre life that still exists. Not in the “weird” sense (partially, sure) but more in the “This-Could-Only-Happen-Here-And-To-Me” way. You can find it everywhere to be certain, it’s just more my speed down here.

But today, a fantastic read surfaced on one of those more known spots that contain such beauty, the legendary strip bar in Atlanta called The Clermont Lounge. Very rarely can you witness the honesty of a place, even rarer from a document about the place. Never the less, Dana Hazels Seith has done a marvelous job writing about a spot that’s in the Blacktooth Pantheon of Patios, Porches and Perches (Mr. B’s – Charleston, SC, Sous La Terre – Montgomery, AL, etc.)

Read HERE <click!> It’s tight.