Blacktooth Records Presents: Hepatitties – Banality Winkin’

Hepatitties “Banality Winkin’” EP Press Release

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Peaches and the interim’s been not-too-rocky for her/for us. She’s quieted down a bit, is engaged to wed, has given birth.

Making the punk-anthemic odes to druggy lust and personal destruction of Hepatitties-past harder wrought.

So this time around, it’s all dream state/stream o’ conscious-luv and we enter into the PG unconscious. If its scary OK, but mostly we think it’s fuzzy and quaint introversion ripped open. Call it “Confessional Surrealism.” Call it a real load off.

As always, all lyrics are written from the perspective of Peaches Geldof and do not reflect the sentiments or tastes of their author.

Chris Murray: guitar, bass, vox
Tommy Stangroom: drums
Ben Trimble: additional guitar and vox

Streaming via available now thru the weekend only.

Special CD-R package containing stereo and mono mixes of the EP plus ringtones, demos and outtakes available via Blacktooth Records next week.

(Also: Square People perform tonight at Noa Noa with Hobbledeions and Les Rhinoceros.)

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