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Do Right By Your Dad (Are You My Dad?)


1/17/14 @ FooBar

Clear Plastic Masks becomes Ranch Ghost become Oh Dang Lo Mein becomes Chrome Pony becomes Natalie Prass becomes Majestico.

We are all one and we will prove it with diversity!

We will all cover each other’s songs (3 bands/3 songs per Unit) and donate whatever money we get to Fred Ready’s Cancer Foundation he’s starting. It’s like a defibrillator for the 501-c3 sector covered in butter and booze.

Join us, please.



August 30th at The Basement here on the home turf of Nashville, TN will be tight night. We’re proud to present it. The illustrious poster above was made by the hero Ricardo Alessio (site) and will be screen printed and made into different colors for sale at the show. Limited edish.


9pm/$5 will get you in and no pads allowed.


We’re giving away tickets for 2. Leave your name + contact in the comment section as well as a random fact about one of the bands. We’ll select the best and see you and yours there.

Get real with your peers.



Tonight, all the way up north in the fabled Quad Cities – where legends are purported to spend their retirement drinking Mai Tais – Blacktooth Records gladly holds hands with Rozz Tox and, not unlike proud parents, present Ranch Ghost and Chrome Pony on one bill and of one mind.

We love the people behind and in Rozz Tox as much as they love China and Albert Pyun films. So go, enjoy yourselves. Make money and do the right thing. Ask the hard questions. See if Donnie’s eye is ok. And maybe we’ll do it again sometime.





Fly Golden Eagle
Ranch Ghost

The Basement/Aug. 3o/Nashville
DJ’d by Jota Ese

Similarly, very soon we will have more info on the matter. Transmissions are just now arriving with great fervor and after much anticipation.


4/5 <<click!>>

End of the World show//Blacktooth Winter Mix: OLMEC



On December 21, a fun-loving, lambasting group of people will join in the phenomenological, eschatological spectacle that is the “end” of the Mayan Calendar at Oak Valley Lanes off Dickerson Rd in East Nashville. Chris Crofton will be the MC and tunes will be provided by Clear Plastic Masks, Majestico, Richie, as well as a few special guests, including a real life Mayan!

Tickets are $15 , all you can bowl, and you can get them at The Groove and Grimey’s. If you pre-order and bring the tickets to the party, you will be given a special end of the world hanky that will aid in either the drying of your tears or to signal your surrender to the alien overlords.

Below is also the Winter Mix compiled by your Blacktooth homies: OLMEC. It should remind you of warmer places during the frustratingly cold winter but also serve as a dutiful reminder that Winter is usually a cold, bitter time but that the spirit of Ravi Shankar rests over us. D/L and tracklist below.














OLMEC <click!>

Alice Coltrane – Govinda Jai Jai
Ester Phillips – Let’s Move & Groove
Deep Heat – Do It Again (Steely Dan)
Kamuran Akkor – Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz
Baden Powell - Canto de Xangô
Bo Hansson - De svarta ryttarna & Flykten till vadstallet
Miles Davis – Black Satin
Os Mutantes – Ave Lucifer
The Congos – Congoman
Dur-Dur Band – Garsore Waa Ilaah
Alkibar Gignor – Kaounare
Thee Oh Sees – So Nice
Lemchaheb – Mouwalna
Toots & the Maytals – Bam Bam
The Mar-Kays – Bo-Time
Jackie Mittoo & the Soul Vendors – Love is Blue
George Romanos – My Little Girl
David Bowie – Let Me Sleep Beside You (Live at the BBC)
The Rolling Stones – Winter
Chris Cohen – Caller No. 99
Tiden Flyver – Boom Clap Bachelors
Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland – The Narcissist
Lee Fields – Moonlight Mile


See you later.

File Under: Snack Attack



This is your Christmas. Get there early.

Jerkwater Burg

The evening of November 3, Open Gallery – here in Nashville – will play host to an environment built up of corporeal experience. ‘Jerkwater Burg’ is the collaboration of Nashville artists, under the guise of Blacktooth Records (in the archival sense), who work in varying mediums, combining their abilities in order to manipulate multiple senses with the hope of wholly influencing and enhancing the physiological, psychological, and emotional state of its audience. It is not a gallery showcase, but a temporary hyper-reality, designed to encourage its inhabitants to feel something new, something strange.

In ‘Jerkwater Burg’ an attempt is made to house an environment not unlike what Alan Watts described as, “the experiencer and the experience becoming a single, ever-changing, self-forming process,” one where the situation is familiar – semiotically, artistically, etc. – but unlike the unification of the place and person, we desire a slight discomfort with what we call the Arpeggio of Meaning while still holding belief in the singular experience. Magical. Curious. Off-putting. Inviting. A kind of forcing of an unconscious suspension of disbelief. 

Our idle frustration with our own inability to project a concrete meaning on experiences is fascinating to us, and in our current age we think that many others feel the same. Perhaps it is that these affects exist entirely outside of logistics. We invite you to explore ‘Jerkwater Burg’.

You may accidentally find yourself in the middle of Jihad or adorning yourself with Mimosa in the springtime. Perhaps you’ll discover your lover to be too coquettish in this space, or that all your friends are a pale mutiny of dispossessed voidoids hatched in a misty somewhere between fictive and mundane. And we know you’ll want to help – we do too, that’s the idea – but we can’t help, and we view all these attempts at meaning as banging your head against a wall: it’s nice when it stops.

The more unsure we are of the exact spacial provence we’re inhabiting, the further into the liminal hinterland we go. You have to know it feelingly in these ugly, mystifying times and the last thing we want to do is rest on our laurels when it comes to this slug we’re trying to salt.

Picture by Ventral

Blacktooth Records presents: A Blacktooth BBQ Bash


The Zombie Shop

7/26/12, Grill at 6p, Music 7p-12a

$5 door, $2 Beers, $2 all you can eat, the swimming pool is free (as always)

Tunes by the following (lineup determined by drawing straws at 7. come early, stay late):

Faux Ferocious
Chrome Pony
Promised land
Denney and The Jets
Clear Plastic Masks
Fly Golden Eagle

All the Blacktooth Gang will be there, as well as the newest Blacktooth Release (BTR-008) – playing/selling the record for the first time – Hepatitties – Banality Winkin’


Oh then come on.

Winning the Game

“Soon the tradition of winning the game with one swing of the bat will forever be a thing of the past.”

(Graffiti by John Hood and Matt Sharer at Santa Moses’s art party – thrown Blacktooth style – at the start of the summer of 2012.)

Prep work. Holla at yo boi.