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Blacktooth Records presents: “La Pantera de las Palmas” (poetry by Richard Harper)


A note to potential readers:

Written to a certain form of completion, this book should be read with a spirit of desire coupled with light refreshments and good air. With this, you can try to avoid getting bit by the mystic bug, but not mosquitoes, chiggers or ants. Examples of such scenarios include a bus bench in an altered state, at home with a stray cat or dog, or in a quiet solitude to remember the light and more of it is what really matters.

This is my third collection of poetry. All attempts at doing otherwise have been dismissed by the universe in a stereotypical fashion (in addition to having a rather steep day rate). Expenses were accrued but reimbursed.

Buy here: <click!>

Fly Golden Eagle – QUARTZ

Couldn’t be more full of fire to help announce/bring to bear the new record by Fly Golden Eagle: QUARTZ.
ATO Records and Dine Alone Records (Canada), hats off to you as well. We appreciate you.

Perhaps one day we’ll write more about the swirling, groovy, second-most-abundant-mineral-on-planet-earth-and-the-number-one-record-for-your-ears known as Quartz. For now, grab yourself a turn table, a cassette deck, a pair of “Beats by Dre”, a CD player, some Wi-Fi – whatever you feel – and enjoy the galloping stroll that is QUARTZ.







BLACKTOOTH RECORDS PRESENTS: Chrome Pony – You Are the Pisces EP

The brothers Chrome Pony (again, with added juice) slow down, groove harder and are at home with dynamics on their new EP. If you’ve listened to their hazy-yet-bellicose tunes in the past, be prepared, for the darkness of life has revealed yet further corners to round, breeding maturity – as is its wont. Yet even as these tunes bounce along with an ameliorable step, they are not settled. One does not realize the divinity (pisces) within at no cost, and it’s still time to synch up the laces, strap on the sweat bands and take it to the hole. “Naked I came and naked I’ll stay for you.” It’s a worthwhile dictum.

Personal and data to be found below.



All songs written and performed by Chrome Pony and friends

Produced by Chrome Pony

Co-Produced by Andrija Tokic

Chrome Pony is :

Tyler Davis : Guitar/Vocals

Kyle Davis : Drums/Percussion/Vocals

Jon Gottschalk : Bass/BGV

Additional Musicians :

Ricardo Alessio : Organ 1 & 4

Peter Keys : Organ/Farfisa on 2 & 3

Jem Cohen : Background Vocals

additional background vocals on “Road Dope” : Ricardo Alessio, Kim Mikula, Jon Gottschalk, Kyle Davis

Recorded at The Bomb Shelter Studio B by Troy Dison and Andrija Tokic

Mixed by Andrija Tokic at The Bomb Shelter

Mastered by John Baldwin at John Baldwin Mastering

Blacktooth Records


Blacktooth Records presents: Richard Harper – The Body In the World


Richard Harper here, curator of this fine site. I’m proud to say that my second book of poetry is available now, entitled The Body In the World.

A full-fledged, self-published book, I have written these poems over the past 2 years (mainly) which has proved to be rather epochal in my ride through existence to say the least. I won’t waste a bunch of words on describing it, save that the content could be best summarized as didactic.

I like poetry a lot. I like reading it and hearing it read. I’ve tried to be mindful of this as I brought this together. I don’t quite know what to make of its place in my culture, but maybe we’ll have a formal coming out party for it in the near future in a way that suits the book itself.

Order a copy if you want by clicking the link below. If you do, I appreciate that you took the time to chill out and dig through the words and ideas.

Big thanks to many: Lauren Plummer, who is effectively my editor at this point; Lilly Lomein for sound advice and listening skills (and Beatrice-like fodder); Luke Howard (site) for helping me lay everything out, annihilating tabs, and for being a long-time comrade. Also to all us Blacktooth homies.


Peace and thanks.

Order The Body In the World

Chrome Pony::Lazy Bones

Today marks the release of Chrome Pony’s full length, slackingly entitled ‘Lazy Bones’ –

but there’s nothing lazy about it –

There are chops, licks and hazy moments, sure, but just do yourself a favor and get it.  It’s in our store over there on the side, and you can grab at all your weirdest digital outlets, streaming and beaming into your medula oblongata. Check them here: TUMBLRLAND — they’re playing shows up and around always.


To the line,

Blacktooth Records

Chrome Pony – Lazy Bones (pre-order + free track)


In one week the new tape of Chrome Pony’s record will be live!

Order your tape before 3/5 and you’ll get a free song (the album’s closer, “Black Smoke”) emailed to you and the tape will be shortly on the way.

Click here to pre-order!


Blacktooth Records presents: Chrome Pony – Lazy Bones (new album)


On March 5th, Blacktooth Records is proud to release the new record by Chrome Pony, entitled Lazy Bones.

This is Chrome Pony’s first full length and you get to go on a real fast and fun ride with this one, ladies.

Chrome Pony is obviously the brothers Davis, Tyler and Kyle, with Matt Shaw (Fly Golden Eagle/Majestico) playing bass, and Ben Trimble (Fly Golden Eagle) and Matt Menold (Clear Plastic Masks) also chipping in. It was recorded at The Bomb Shelter and Ben’s house, produced by Ben Trimble and Chrome Pony, engineered by Ben and Andrija Tokic, and Andrija also mixed and mastered it at the Bomb Shelter.

Them’s the deetz and we’ll have more for you as the day approaches.

Visit their website here: <click!>

Chrome Pony – Lazy Bones

1. Base of the Mountain
2. Domesticated
3. Fun Girls
4. Good Times
5. Ciggy Stardust
6. Never walk Away
7. Island Fever
8. Motorcycles Don’t Lie
9. Black Smoke

Hairpin’d & Coquettish

Back on the scene!

Now available from the Blacktooth Store and soon in all local Nashville record stores, the new EP from Hepatitties, ‘Balanlity Winkin” featuring the new EP in both stereo and mono, 3 remixes, and every demo they’ve ever done! The complete collectors edition indeed. Peaches would be proud with this crowded horse race.  Get your copy today. Yes.

Random: Fly Golden Eagle is back from their tour with Clear Plastic Masks and Banditos (it was awesome, so the legends go). Chrome Pony flexed a bit, both in town and out. More news from them soon. Majestico has a record coming out that’s not on us but that’s OK and they are working on an awesome video that holds the final resting place of some lovely ladies that we’ll show you all soon. Square People went on a little show-jaunt and watched a promoter get socked by a heroin-addict, Russel roofied himself in Mobile and came back from it more wise than we thought possible, giving us great advice which we’ll put into practice soon. Jeff gave us VHS footage, and Bill Rowe got Fly Golden Eagle to open up for Big Freedia.

In short: things are awesome. And we hope things are awesome for you, too. See you in the future primitive.

Blacktooth Records presents: A Blacktooth BBQ Bash


The Zombie Shop

7/26/12, Grill at 6p, Music 7p-12a

$5 door, $2 Beers, $2 all you can eat, the swimming pool is free (as always)

Tunes by the following (lineup determined by drawing straws at 7. come early, stay late):

Faux Ferocious
Chrome Pony
Promised land
Denney and The Jets
Clear Plastic Masks
Fly Golden Eagle

All the Blacktooth Gang will be there, as well as the newest Blacktooth Release (BTR-008) – playing/selling the record for the first time – Hepatitties – Banality Winkin’


Oh then come on.

Blacktooth Records Presents: Hepatitties – Banality Winkin’

Hepatitties “Banality Winkin’” EP Press Release

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Peaches and the interim’s been not-too-rocky for her/for us. She’s quieted down a bit, is engaged to wed, has given birth.

Making the punk-anthemic odes to druggy lust and personal destruction of Hepatitties-past harder wrought.

So this time around, it’s all dream state/stream o’ conscious-luv and we enter into the PG unconscious. If its scary OK, but mostly we think it’s fuzzy and quaint introversion ripped open. Call it “Confessional Surrealism.” Call it a real load off.

As always, all lyrics are written from the perspective of Peaches Geldof and do not reflect the sentiments or tastes of their author.

Chris Murray: guitar, bass, vox
Tommy Stangroom: drums
Ben Trimble: additional guitar and vox

Streaming via available now thru the weekend only.

Special CD-R package containing stereo and mono mixes of the EP plus ringtones, demos and outtakes available via Blacktooth Records next week.

(Also: Square People perform tonight at Noa Noa with Hobbledeions and Les Rhinoceros.)