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Get your record <here> and know what it feels like to howl deep down in the night.

Clear Plastic Masks – Being There

Listening to music really loud is funny. Seriously, try it. Listen to the Clear Plastic Masks’s new record loudly, however, and this funny thing begins to happen. A swirl is the only way I know how to describe it. All types of swirls: the kind the toilet bowl makes, all crisp and in tune with the moon; the swirls you experience in the grips of some substance or the more elliptical kind that comes from the funnel water ride at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana.
















I can only speculate as to why this happens, but it does. No…that’s not true, I’m being self-effacing. I know exactly why this happens. It happens because you as a listener are experiencing in a spacial, tangential way all the forces that made this record come into being, and seeing as it’s entitled “Being There” it seems apropos. This record – and this is my reading here – attempts to overcome the ego or the desire to be “original” as such. To have faces stand out amongst others. It’s maybe why the band choose to wear clear plastic masks as a monicker: it’ll obfuscate your view, but at least you know they’re human and not aliens. Thus, they whirled up like the Sufi Dervishes and went to work.

And similar, in a way, to the intention behind the Dervishes, this record opens up an emotional field rather than a discursive field. So much of what is happening in the world today is happening at the level of political discourse – people jockeying for rhetorical positions and trying to defend this or vilify that without really having any felt experiential, emotional understanding of the issues at play, political or otherwise. The reasons the record swirls is because of this. And I think as artists, this strange little peripatetic group are uniquely positioned by their experiences to offer meaningful contributions to society via art. Or at least a good time. And when Andrew Katz sings “there’s gonna be a shakedown” or “I’ve got some cocaine to get you back your strut” or the even more direct, “we come together/nothing could be better,” it’s true; it’s a lived experience. At least in that moment you hear him say it. Or when Matt Menold – one of the most blisteringly talented musicians you will ever meet, along with an incredible professorial knowledge of tunes – just rips into the guitar, it’s as if you’re hearing and watching the most disenchanted illegitimate child of Howlin’ Wolf overcome all his daddy issues in one session, Tokic playing analog therapist. Eddie Duquesne got so deep in his bass-mojo on this record, he augments perfectly what’s happening on each track, or – like on ‘Baby Come On’ - he leaves out or swings certain notes, turning an otherwise spurned lover ballad into a funky go-getter. And Charlie Garmendia sounds like Buddy Miles mixed with Clyde Stubblefield. You’ll get these little finger-flicked ghost notes on the drums that are so tasteful, only to have the next measure sound like he hit them with a troglodyte’s rock hammer. All deftly handled by the indefatigable Andrija Tokic, who is seriously just warming up on his production skills.

I know the Clear Plastic Masks well. I know the producer of this fine album, Andrija Tokic, as well, and count both as dear, close friends. I even know the lanky, incredibly talented Allen that wrote the track ‘Hungry Cup’ for the band he’s in, Poison Dartz. (Click that link because they are an inspiration and a very talented outfit.) I know that the band has moved beyond this record, as is evidenced by their live shows (of which I just saw 10 in a row up and down the east coast). There’s this new song, ‘Buffalo’ that is the swirl-entire. It made me want to throw up the first time I heard it. Anyway, the point of all this is that they’re releasing their album today and are playing at the High Watt and 10pm here in Nashville with Fly Golden Eagle opening at 9pm. You should come.

Stream Being There here.

Paper Lake Thank You and Goodbye For Now

I mean, c’mon. If you can’t beat them, hone in on them:

Do Right By Your Dad (Are You My Dad?)


1/17/14 @ FooBar

Clear Plastic Masks becomes Ranch Ghost become Oh Dang Lo Mein becomes Chrome Pony becomes Natalie Prass becomes Majestico.

We are all one and we will prove it with diversity!

We will all cover each other’s songs (3 bands/3 songs per Unit) and donate whatever money we get to Fred Ready’s Cancer Foundation he’s starting. It’s like a defibrillator for the 501-c3 sector covered in butter and booze.

Join us, please.

Blacktooth Records presents: Chrome Pony – Lazy Bones (new album)


On March 5th, Blacktooth Records is proud to release the new record by Chrome Pony, entitled Lazy Bones.

This is Chrome Pony’s first full length and you get to go on a real fast and fun ride with this one, ladies.

Chrome Pony is obviously the brothers Davis, Tyler and Kyle, with Matt Shaw (Fly Golden Eagle/Majestico) playing bass, and Ben Trimble (Fly Golden Eagle) and Matt Menold (Clear Plastic Masks) also chipping in. It was recorded at The Bomb Shelter and Ben’s house, produced by Ben Trimble and Chrome Pony, engineered by Ben and Andrija Tokic, and Andrija also mixed and mastered it at the Bomb Shelter.

Them’s the deetz and we’ll have more for you as the day approaches.

Visit their website here: <click!>

Chrome Pony – Lazy Bones

1. Base of the Mountain
2. Domesticated
3. Fun Girls
4. Good Times
5. Ciggy Stardust
6. Never walk Away
7. Island Fever
8. Motorcycles Don’t Lie
9. Black Smoke

Clear Plastic Masks — So Real (video)

Last summer, Clear Plastic Masks became a living, breathing force in our collective lives. Now, they are family. Here’s proof.



Clear Plastic Masks – So Real from joshua shoemaker on Vimeo.

End of the World show//Blacktooth Winter Mix: OLMEC



On December 21, a fun-loving, lambasting group of people will join in the phenomenological, eschatological spectacle that is the “end” of the Mayan Calendar at Oak Valley Lanes off Dickerson Rd in East Nashville. Chris Crofton will be the MC and tunes will be provided by Clear Plastic Masks, Majestico, Richie, as well as a few special guests, including a real life Mayan!

Tickets are $15 , all you can bowl, and you can get them at The Groove and Grimey’s. If you pre-order and bring the tickets to the party, you will be given a special end of the world hanky that will aid in either the drying of your tears or to signal your surrender to the alien overlords.

Below is also the Winter Mix compiled by your Blacktooth homies: OLMEC. It should remind you of warmer places during the frustratingly cold winter but also serve as a dutiful reminder that Winter is usually a cold, bitter time but that the spirit of Ravi Shankar rests over us. D/L and tracklist below.














OLMEC <click!>

Alice Coltrane – Govinda Jai Jai
Ester Phillips – Let’s Move & Groove
Deep Heat – Do It Again (Steely Dan)
Kamuran Akkor – Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz
Baden Powell - Canto de Xangô
Bo Hansson - De svarta ryttarna & Flykten till vadstallet
Miles Davis – Black Satin
Os Mutantes – Ave Lucifer
The Congos – Congoman
Dur-Dur Band – Garsore Waa Ilaah
Alkibar Gignor – Kaounare
Thee Oh Sees – So Nice
Lemchaheb – Mouwalna
Toots & the Maytals – Bam Bam
The Mar-Kays – Bo-Time
Jackie Mittoo & the Soul Vendors – Love is Blue
George Romanos – My Little Girl
David Bowie – Let Me Sleep Beside You (Live at the BBC)
The Rolling Stones – Winter
Chris Cohen – Caller No. 99
Tiden Flyver – Boom Clap Bachelors
Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland – The Narcissist
Lee Fields – Moonlight Mile


See you later.


Fly Golden Eagle is playing some shows, most of which are with James Wallace and the Naked Light, which makes for a pretty sick, slap-happy night. They’re also playing the Nashham show on Dec 7 with Clear Plastic Masks and Promised Land. You can check out all their dates at their homepage ( Also, if you come to the Unitarian Lounge tomorrow night you can see Chrome Pony and Clear Plastic Masks play. Then a super jam, B’Roo style.

Mega more things coming soon, including a winter mix, a killer show, and a picture of a pretty couple.




Fly Golden Eagle + Clear Plastic Masks + Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes) = so many options…


Ladies and Gentlemen: Thunderbitch.

My Baby is My Guitar by thunderbitch

I Don’t Care by thunderbitch













Friday at The Stone Fox is Fly Golden Eagle, James Wallace and the Naked Light and Meadownoise. Saturday at the Basement is Oh Dang Lo Mein, Banditos and Clear Plastic Masks. Everyone is back in town and everyone will be in town this weekend, right?