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August 30th at The Basement here on the home turf of Nashville, TN will be tight night. We’re proud to present it. The illustrious poster above was made by the hero Ricardo Alessio (site) and will be screen printed and made into different colors for sale at the show. Limited edish.


9pm/$5 will get you in and no pads allowed.


We’re giving away tickets for 2. Leave your name + contact in the comment section as well as a random fact about one of the bands. We’ll select the best and see you and yours there.

Get real with your peers.

Only Woman DJ With Degree: Sister Nancy

‘Bout that time, says I.

It’s getting warmer and if you’ve never heard the sweet tunes by Sister Nancy, then allow her to start your spring off right. Before you get into all that Dub-Hot weather and need more Space Echo to reflect your body being cooked by the heat, Nancy’s tunes will mellow and groove, simmer and pop. Perfect. Below is her “hit” and another that rules. I’ve always had a real tenuous relationship with Dancehall-era reggae, and this is hands down the best I’ve heard for my taste. Her lyrics swim around intelligibility, her beats are laid back, and her melodies are top shelf.

Sight, indeed.

Sister Nancy – Bam Bam
Sister Nancy – No Any Man Can Test Sister Nancy

Clear Plastic Masks — So Real (video)

Last summer, Clear Plastic Masks became a living, breathing force in our collective lives. Now, they are family. Here’s proof.



Clear Plastic Masks – So Real from joshua shoemaker on Vimeo.

File Under: Snack Attack



This is your Christmas. Get there early.

I’ll Take You Too: Promised Land’s “Stoned Eagle”










Promised Land: Stoned Eagle. Sean, Joey, Ric and Evan have done good and you should be able to make it through the coming winter a bit easier now. Their music comes from an unabashed love of music, I can assure you of that. Stream/buy below.



Fly Golden Eagle + Clear Plastic Masks + Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes) = so many options…


Ladies and Gentlemen: Thunderbitch.

My Baby is My Guitar by thunderbitch

I Don’t Care by thunderbitch

JOTA ESE – Who’s Pimpin Who, Courtney Jaye?


Jota Ese will soon be crowned a little bit, perhaps noticed a little bit, maybe even take more shots of Tequila in a little bit, but suffice it to say – no matter what bit drops – he don’t stop. I don’t even know how many records the dude’s put out at this point, but I think I’ve heard them all. Most of them at least. I’m trying to pad my rep before I blast this record, nawmean?

Regardless, he put this one out at the perfect time. And that could mean a few things. Perfect time as in: The Mayan 2012 end-o’-the-world hasn’t happened, so that’s good timing. It could also mean in regards to the weather: Summer-bikini-babe-club-jams are out, smooth, break-you-open-with-a-thimble tunes are cropping back into rotation. It could also mean that the unspoken needed to be spoken and I’ll be damned if I saw it coming from this guy.

I won’t focus on the mildly-provocative title, because odds are it doesn’t matter to you. Make it abstract and you’ve got it. Musically, Jota just straight nails it on this one. You have everything that he’s been stirring together in his lounted pot for a long time, all finally marinating with each other and all the spices and herbs. You’ve got that jazz, the jive, the poetry – as Doodlebug would say. You got the psych-out freak-out, you’ve got the beats, the lows and the highs. You’ve got Bob James for heaven’s sake. It’s erudite and edgy. It’s full of late night groove juice and poppin’ off commentary (quietly). The video that goes along with it is well worth the watch. It’s good. Jota Ese’s good. I’m beginning to wonder if, like the album’s opening sample, he didn’t find some crossroads off of Dickerson where the green grass grows. Maybe he met the album’s Miss there.

Download here: <click!>

Watch the album’s movie here: <click!>


Ace Rock Delay (Where We’re At)

It was less an act of hubris,
More a lonely hearts club at the helm of a magic bullet.
Away on a relentless bid for rarefied inertia,
Rattletrap forks married to the patchy Terra Firma
Ursa Minor – getting warmer.
I crowbar into the pecking order,
The dreck between the whores and Betty Ford-ers
Hug a double yellow spine,
Knobby rubber like a rat on a rope:
Those little fuckers run on passion alone.
This is the product of a D.I.Y. inadequate home,
Grabbing a cabin in the-fuck-outta-dodge,
Actin’ a savage in the shadows of Rome.
Traffic amassed against insufferable odds,
Fashioning gallows out of plastic and bone.
I got the motordrome walls of death splintering under me,
All-city galvanized bikes white knuckling
Bright light, tunnel kings tuck in the devil.
PS – I wrote this on a self-destructing memo…

Pathshala/No Nation


Until the lion has his or her own storyteller, the hunter will always have the best part of the story – Ewe-mina Proverb


Slap Up

So much righteous stuff this week, we had to present it to you in a harvested form, 92% BTR approved. The USDA comes a-callin’ when we slap our stamp on produce.

Here are a list of things happening in Nashville this week that we will be at:


SUNDAY (4/29)—-

The Phantom Farmer//Chrome Pony//Calico Cat

The End//9pm

—-The Phantom Farmer is Joel Dahl’s (By Lightening) solo work and it’s first record release show. This guy has recorded many of the find projects that you (or will) enjoy around town, and a few you won’t. Prolific in his work ethic, unassuming in his nature, go hear this man spit the truth. He’s the doctor around these parts. Chrome Pony supports and you know we pop for that.


MONDAY (4/30)—-

Joey Molinaro//Chris Murray

1119 N 2nd St//9PM (FOR REAL)

—-Take yourself all the way there with this one. Joey Molinaro is  thrash, solo violinist and Chris Murray is a thrash, solo saxer that helms the Square People project. Free Jazz, Free Thoughts, Free Show (Save buying/donate to Joey the Tour). C’mon then.


TUESDAY (5/1)—-

Hot Chicken Night at the VFW followed by music:

Bombino//William Tyler//Cherry Blossoms

VFW Post 1970//$10 //8pm


<click!> to listen

—-Personally, I’m stoked on this one more than most things I’m usually stoked on. Bombino is a Tuareg guitarist from Niger, Africa who’s been exiled, had band members executed, all to be “welcomed back” by the nation(s) his protest songs are about. Serious business here, folks. This one is not to be missed, with two killer opening local acts and a fully engaged evening planned out.



Lushlife (Philly)//Cities Aviv (Memphis)//Jota Ese

Mercy Lounge-High Watt//$10//9pm

lounted in the basement by JOTA ESE

—-Who is Jota Ese? You’ve heard his two/too dope mix tapes, you’ve pondered his premises, now see he revealed. Debut live show?Lounted Hip-Hop? Enigma be gone? See you idiots there.


SATURDAY (5/5)—-

This day is insane and you probably already have plans. Oh Dang Lo Mein is playing at Local Taco and Fly Golden Eagle is playing at the End. That’s racist, know what I’m talmbout?


Call me Snap. Out.