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Tonight, all the way up north in the fabled Quad Cities – where legends are purported to spend their retirement drinking Mai Tais – Blacktooth Records gladly holds hands with Rozz Tox and, not unlike proud parents, present Ranch Ghost and Chrome Pony on one bill and of one mind.

We love the people behind and in Rozz Tox as much as they love China and Albert Pyun films. So go, enjoy yourselves. Make money and do the right thing. Ask the hard questions. See if Donnie’s eye is ok. And maybe we’ll do it again sometime.



Clear Plastic Masks — So Real (video)

Last summer, Clear Plastic Masks became a living, breathing force in our collective lives. Now, they are family. Here’s proof.



Clear Plastic Masks – So Real from joshua shoemaker on Vimeo.

File Under: Snack Attack



This is your Christmas. Get there early.

Ace Rock Delay (Where We’re At)

It was less an act of hubris,
More a lonely hearts club at the helm of a magic bullet.
Away on a relentless bid for rarefied inertia,
Rattletrap forks married to the patchy Terra Firma
Ursa Minor – getting warmer.
I crowbar into the pecking order,
The dreck between the whores and Betty Ford-ers
Hug a double yellow spine,
Knobby rubber like a rat on a rope:
Those little fuckers run on passion alone.
This is the product of a D.I.Y. inadequate home,
Grabbing a cabin in the-fuck-outta-dodge,
Actin’ a savage in the shadows of Rome.
Traffic amassed against insufferable odds,
Fashioning gallows out of plastic and bone.
I got the motordrome walls of death splintering under me,
All-city galvanized bikes white knuckling
Bright light, tunnel kings tuck in the devil.
PS – I wrote this on a self-destructing memo…

Blacktooth Records presents: A Blacktooth BBQ Bash


The Zombie Shop

7/26/12, Grill at 6p, Music 7p-12a

$5 door, $2 Beers, $2 all you can eat, the swimming pool is free (as always)

Tunes by the following (lineup determined by drawing straws at 7. come early, stay late):

Faux Ferocious
Chrome Pony
Promised land
Denney and The Jets
Clear Plastic Masks
Fly Golden Eagle

All the Blacktooth Gang will be there, as well as the newest Blacktooth Release (BTR-008) – playing/selling the record for the first time – Hepatitties – Banality Winkin’


Oh then come on.

Music for the Gift: Riley & Bombino (Reflections)


May 1st, 2012. Strange things coinciding, convulsing.
Terry Riley – 20th Century Avant-Classical composer – is speaking, along side a panel of others, at Vanderbilt University in conjunction with the premier by the Nashville Symphony of his newly commissioned piece.
Bombino is playing their initial – and presumed by some (although proven wrong) to be their lone, ever – show at the VFW Post 1970 in West Nashville.
May Day is happening. At once an ancient, cross-quarter pagan holiday, relatively neutered by Christianity, and (more popularly known as) the International Workers’ Day after the 1886 Haymarket Affair in Chicago. A fine, lost-but-resurfacing memory of police brutality if there ever was one.

I decided to set out on all 3 of these events, all together in my life by happenstance, and to see if I couldn’t make something out of them. I don’t know if I did, but recount is worth explication.

The May Day event took place internally. A re-membering of mine and many others’ lives and stories to a Grand-Narrative scale, one that would serve true posturing, inward disposition, and personal politic.

Most likely, Terry Riley does not need an introduction. If you do, it’s relatively easy to sink into, and will probably be given by someone far more adequate than me. I am fairly familiar with his corpus of work – mainly from my brother – but I was also familiar with his thoughts and musings, spiritual or otherwise. I expected a sagacious old man; what my friends and I got was so much more – and so much smaller – than that.

As Riley spoke (he is who I will primarily focus on, although most everyone else on the panel had not only great insight, but convivial tales of running around New York with their buds as well) I got the more than slight impression of a reflective life. Not only because he was the oldest among the group speaking (77, the others 40-50), no, his internal pace was different. Unhurried and unsullied. When he talked about taking the “improvisational moments and composing from them to allow the architectural possibilities to get seen,” I didn’t hear pious or heady nonsense; I heard a light-gravity from a man who was (and still is) desperately seeking to convey beauty, and who seemed to know that to do that sifting through of life took a long, slow time, and was on nobody’s schedule but its own’s. He was truly insightful and quite the regular human being. Riley didn’t get classically trained players when he premiered (what would turn out to be) his monumental piece, “In C”: he had regular players because he felt that amateurs “get it”. (Of course when some of those amateurs happens to be John Cage and John Gibson, well…) He said he wanted to make consciousness music, not in melody, but in the sound of it all. He wants people who were open to that.

The crowd was sparse, tame (save when an impromptu jam session happened between violinist Tracy Silverman, which was electric), white and (probably) educated. The atmosphere was proper, clean and very conducive to thoughtful conversation and questioning. That’s not to say it always happened, but it was most certainly ready for it.

We left.

The sun was setting at the VFW as we arrived, full of fun thoughts and discussion. In this turn, the VFW was to become a hybrid for the evening. There were the regulars, presumably (always) there for the fried chicken and would soon – again, presumably – leave once the show began (spoiler alert: not so! entirely).

The Cherry Blossoms and William Tyler opened for Bombino, but again, my recounting will focus on the one.

Bombino might need an introduction. In brief: The GROUP is called Bombino, which consists of 4 players, but the MAN in question is Omara “Bombino” Moctar, a member of the pseudo-nomadic desert people, the Tuareg. The Tuareg have traversed the Sahara desert since time immemorial, allowing IT to provide for THEM. In some ways, they have kept their nomadic ways, and have settled in some. They are also a very matriarchal society. The fantastic musical group Tinariwen is also Tuareg. Their peoples’ movements (or lack there of) has caused rifts with the made-up borders that now exist (i.e., Niger, Mali, etc.) and have led to two uprisings of the Tuareg people. It is my understanding that after the first one, Bombino started writing songs for his people, both to encourage and educate, as well as help them remember their past (there’s that consciousness thing again). To say the least, they took to them quite nicely. As the second Tuareg rebellion, the government of Niger executed two of his fellow musicians/band mates and sent him into exile. After the “peace” (and Bombino’s rise in popularity) he was allowed back and…here we are? In short: I felt an immense respect to get to hear the music.

The scene was wild, sweaty, and fun. The usual walls were gone – or were at least not apparent within the crowd. The usual “cool” was gone; the new sincerity was gone; the irony was gone. The vibe felt cohesive. Something, in a crowd that diverse, I hadn’t felt in a long time. There were older people from poor to affluent amounts of money and culture. There were people who had their ear to the ground as far as music in Nashville. I never thought I’d see weed smoked in a VFW, which struck me as ironic at first, but later on not so much. There were people who had fought in wars, some which were just fine relegating themselves to the back bar.

Bombino struck a chord with a bunch of Nashvillians. So did Riley. (I later saw the premier of his piece via the Nashville Symphony, which I thought was ok.) It was very apparent that they were both after a third thing, on “the cusp of magic” if you will. The thing that happens apart from the self and creation of something. The thing that can change things. Both were equally as gracious to us as we were to them, and it seems fitting to me that on May Day I got to experience these workers in the field. The events themselves were very different in some ways, but were strikingly similar in others. It was nice having some sort of Classical Avant-Garde world sit nicely next to desert rock and roll AND have people enjoying themselves (we were not the only ones at both).

Alchemy by other means.

Pathshala/No Nation


Until the lion has his or her own storyteller, the hunter will always have the best part of the story – Ewe-mina Proverb


The State of Kuwait: WiLi//AmHo

(Welcome to our latest installment of the State of Kuwait)

- Amos House Community: A loosely to tightly affiliated group of people here in Nashville, TN that do the righteous thing, especially gearing toward those who don’t usually get the time of day, let alone dignity and decency.

- Brett Fleener: a “member” of Amos House Community, Blacktooth orbiter, and great dude. Knowledgable, flexible, and – in short – down.

- Wiki Leaks: Wiki Leaks.

Brett Fleener is spending time in London this summer working at a Catholic Worker house, gaining new traction and loosing some others. His concerns in life are valid and thoughtful, and he has written an excellent piece on the Wiki Leaks/Julian Assange extradition situation. The link to the article is posted below. We just deemed it pertinent to further the digging and the thoughts being swapped on this issue.

Read the article here: <click!>

Who benefits from excessive reputation damage of Assange and Wikileaks?”

Slap Up

So much righteous stuff this week, we had to present it to you in a harvested form, 92% BTR approved. The USDA comes a-callin’ when we slap our stamp on produce.

Here are a list of things happening in Nashville this week that we will be at:


SUNDAY (4/29)—-

The Phantom Farmer//Chrome Pony//Calico Cat

The End//9pm

—-The Phantom Farmer is Joel Dahl’s (By Lightening) solo work and it’s first record release show. This guy has recorded many of the find projects that you (or will) enjoy around town, and a few you won’t. Prolific in his work ethic, unassuming in his nature, go hear this man spit the truth. He’s the doctor around these parts. Chrome Pony supports and you know we pop for that.


MONDAY (4/30)—-

Joey Molinaro//Chris Murray

1119 N 2nd St//9PM (FOR REAL)

—-Take yourself all the way there with this one. Joey Molinaro is  thrash, solo violinist and Chris Murray is a thrash, solo saxer that helms the Square People project. Free Jazz, Free Thoughts, Free Show (Save buying/donate to Joey the Tour). C’mon then.


TUESDAY (5/1)—-

Hot Chicken Night at the VFW followed by music:

Bombino//William Tyler//Cherry Blossoms

VFW Post 1970//$10 //8pm


<click!> to listen

—-Personally, I’m stoked on this one more than most things I’m usually stoked on. Bombino is a Tuareg guitarist from Niger, Africa who’s been exiled, had band members executed, all to be “welcomed back” by the nation(s) his protest songs are about. Serious business here, folks. This one is not to be missed, with two killer opening local acts and a fully engaged evening planned out.



Lushlife (Philly)//Cities Aviv (Memphis)//Jota Ese

Mercy Lounge-High Watt//$10//9pm

lounted in the basement by JOTA ESE

—-Who is Jota Ese? You’ve heard his two/too dope mix tapes, you’ve pondered his premises, now see he revealed. Debut live show?Lounted Hip-Hop? Enigma be gone? See you idiots there.


SATURDAY (5/5)—-

This day is insane and you probably already have plans. Oh Dang Lo Mein is playing at Local Taco and Fly Golden Eagle is playing at the End. That’s racist, know what I’m talmbout?


Call me Snap. Out.

Hands vs. Skeletons



Tonight, at a relatively abandoned-yet-for-sale-forever building across from Franz, Cricket, or the Family Wash (depending on your geographical orientation as well as your socio-economic bracket), Johnathan Davis’s art will be displayed, Matt Tocco’s drinks will be made, and we here at Blacktooth Records will be spinning. It’s a party for all your senses and it’s pretty surgical.

Take a peek, won’t you? We’ve had this in the wheelhouse for a while, so we’re pretty excited.

$5 to participate in the liberation of the cocktail, the rest is free or donation.