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The State of Kuwait: One Grain of Sand In the World (Lean Back)

Photo: Aaron Defourneaux

OpEd: Richard Paul Harper, Jr.


It is on the night after the death of the great Pete Seeger and upon streaming Henry Mancini’s “Best Of” that I write this.

The duel purpose with which the occasion compels me to jostle my thoughts down can also be revealed in the opening sentence. I awoke this morning to read of the news that Pete Seeger – the legendary folk singer and activist – had died peacefully at the age of 94. This is the first monolithic musical figure that has passed this year, but in 2013 the world lost Lou Reed, Donald Byrd, Phil Everly and Ray Price, to name the smallest amount. All major figures, both in the music community and in the popular landscape as well. But none illicit nearly as much of a reaction from me as Pete Seeger’s death did. My initial thought was that stating he died peacefully seemed a bit ill-fitting, given that the current climate in which we live (double meaning intended) can hardly be navigated in a “peaceful” manner. As such, Mr. Seeger appeared to gracefully let go of the torch he (once) carried, while still maintaining his fervor for life. Either that or he probably asked himself every day upon waking, “are you fucking kidding me?”

My next thought immediately went to the onslaughts of tributes that were about to be poured out for the righteous man. A mental rolodex began to spin of all the people who claimed Seeger as inspiration or in his lineage: Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, John Mellencamp, The Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, etc. etc. and I vowed to skim everyone of them with a dull-attention span and to not go and do likewise. In fact, en route to my relatively yuppie job bar-tending at a locally-sourced burger joint (where I also am in charge of the music during the shift), I said to myself that I wouldn’t so much as even mention his passing to anyone and would play only a few of his tracks – exclusively deep cuts – as I queued up whatever jams for that morning shift. Yet here I am. Human beings are fickle, malleable beasts.

Den Rest lesen…

The Morning Greets You

We’ve mentioned these dudes before. We’ve done this before. This is an interesting way of seeing them and I mean interesting with keeping its etymology in mind. Doors at 8, $20 gets you everything you want in life. Mostly.

Poster made by Ricardo Alessio, the hero.



Added !FGE’s T-shirt to the store because we can. Get’em. Only M/L’s left because they are so dope.

If I Could Just Hear…

Chris Murray of too-many-projects-to-name recently disolved Square People and is atoning for his critical mistakes in life by releasing an exuberant and solipsistic album called “Master’s Voice” and wants to make money off of it. Will this bandcamp host all of Mr. Murray’s future releases in one, slick place? We’ll see. RSS that shit, yo.

Bounce it. It’s goofy and fun. GET YO FOOTWORK.


Russell: Spiritual Advisor & Life Coach/Local love for Foreign-Local love


Bill Rowe here.

I’m taking time out of my increasingly busy business life – managing these young ruffians here at Blacktooth Records is exhausting – to let you all know about my new Spiritual Advisor & Life Coach, Russell. Things have gotten so busy and convoluted with this business venture, I had to start making the tough decisions. Decisions such as, ‘do I eat local and slow even though I don’t have time to?’ and, ‘should I get a global phone number?’ Those all were relatively easy, but one that took the most deliberation was whether I was going to tend to my business life or my spiritual life. We all know it’s impossible to do both, and we also know which one I would pick given the inevitable crossroads (business, duh). So I’m pleased to announce the latest addition to Blacktooth Records via my own forced life, Russell, Spiritual Advisor & Life Coach extraordinaire.

I met him at Percy Priest lake and I saw him just walk off the island while we were on Andrija’s boat. He said he had just gotten back from Manhattan and said he found me. Welcome him as you would a new release from us here. They’re the same thing. Trust me.


In other news:

Also, the local-well-to-do-enough-Alt paper here in Nashville, hereafter known as “The Scene”, was very sweet to profile some lovely Blacktooth bands (and non-Blacktooth bands) who were playing at the Basement for our friends that run the Memetic Society, the label in Chattanooga that put outta ton of 45′s for bands in Tennessee they thought were cool (we told you about it here: <click!>). Some great quotes include, “dweeby,” “California-sun” and “danceabilty.” Good job Majestico, Faux Ferocious and Fly Golden Eagle! You guys are great.

Read the Scene article here: <click!>



TV John – The Dream Man

















TV John – The Dream Man

  1. Drone
  2. Ya-Ya
  3. Cell Phone
  4. Do the Bomp
  5. All About You

Download “The Dream Man”: <click!>




The Limited Edition cassette of “The Dream Man” (BT009) is in the store and the tunes are yours to live. Listen to the single “Ya-Ya” below. The music video for Cell Phone, shot by Jake Smith and edited by Drew Maynard (click!), is the ride you’ve been waiting for. The treats in this one singular moment are irreplaceable and inexplainable. Remember: the tapes contain a clue to a special Blacktooth Records Sweepstakes Prize! Jake Smith shot and edited the behind-the-scenes footage as well.
TV John – Ya-Ya by BlackToothMunch


TV John came from Washington D.C. to Nashville in a swirl of coupons, melodic, and lyrical ideas and crashed into the Blacktooth Camp for one insane collaboration. Ben Trimble arranged the terms and agreements after taking an interest in exploring the nexus of creativity and originality. TV John cooked us ribs and conveyed his song-dreams to us, we arranged the new tunes, learned a few of his preexisting hits (“Party Animal“, “Elivs’s Brain” etc.), and played one hell of a show at The Zombie Shop. We are thankful to have shared the world-unto-itself that is TV John Langworthy’s. We won’t soon forget it. He was a “party animal” and hopefully, after hearing these new songs, you will be also.

Musicians on the tracks (in alphabetical order): Ben Trimble (Bass, Electric Guitar, Drums), Chris Murray (Saxophone), Mitch Jones (Organ, Keys), Ricardo Alessio (Piano, Bass, Electric Guitar, Synths), Richard Harper (Drums, Bass), Sean Thompson (Lead Electric Guitar).

BGVs: Brittany Painter Shaw, Lilly Lomein, Liz Thielemann, Josh Harper, Kim McCulla.

Recorded by Mitch Jones at Lil Biv Town

Mixed by Ben Trimble at Lil Biv Town and The Bomb Shelter

Mastered by Andija Tokic at The Bomb Shelter

Pictures by Jota Ese



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