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Blacktooth Records presents: “La Pantera de las Palmas” (poetry by Richard Harper)


A note to potential readers:

Written to a certain form of completion, this book should be read with a spirit of desire coupled with light refreshments and good air. With this, you can try to avoid getting bit by the mystic bug, but not mosquitoes, chiggers or ants. Examples of such scenarios include a bus bench in an altered state, at home with a stray cat or dog, or in a quiet solitude to remember the light and more of it is what really matters.

This is my third collection of poetry. All attempts at doing otherwise have been dismissed by the universe in a stereotypical fashion (in addition to having a rather steep day rate). Expenses were accrued but reimbursed.

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Time (Less-ness)

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Poem by Tom Clark

Blacktooth Records presents: Richard Harper – The Body In the World


Richard Harper here, curator of this fine site. I’m proud to say that my second book of poetry is available now, entitled The Body In the World.

A full-fledged, self-published book, I have written these poems over the past 2 years (mainly) which has proved to be rather epochal in my ride through existence to say the least. I won’t waste a bunch of words on describing it, save that the content could be best summarized as didactic.

I like poetry a lot. I like reading it and hearing it read. I’ve tried to be mindful of this as I brought this together. I don’t quite know what to make of its place in my culture, but maybe we’ll have a formal coming out party for it in the near future in a way that suits the book itself.

Order a copy if you want by clicking the link below. If you do, I appreciate that you took the time to chill out and dig through the words and ideas.

Big thanks to many: Lauren Plummer, who is effectively my editor at this point; Lilly Lomein for sound advice and listening skills (and Beatrice-like fodder); Luke Howard (site) for helping me lay everything out, annihilating tabs, and for being a long-time comrade. Also to all us Blacktooth homies.


Peace and thanks.

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We Love They















A track culled from The Rolling Stones’ brief venture into the astral plane, “We Love You” has Paul McCartney and John Lennon on backing vocals, Poet Allen Ginsburg uncredited in the background (singing! dancing!) and Brian Jones delivering a devastatingly great Mellotron performance. Get some good speakers and listen to that tape delay move you around and around, that piano riff signifying a defiant storm to come and a defiant Stones.


The Rolling Stones – We Love You