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They want to sound like they promised their daddies they’d make it for them and damn if they didn’t nail it. Promised Land Sound’s debut album comes out today via Paradise of Bachelors and we remember when they played their first show way back when at our Summer Party…they were just innocent little Promised Land then. Free of legal issues and way worse at their instruments. Now look at ‘em, all boutique and high and ripping sweet licks and singing. D/L a track by them at the bottom because they can jam.

Record done at the Bomb Shelter by Andrija Tokic and Jem Cohen and that’s all. The release show is this Saturday – 9/28 – ¬†at Jem and co.’s Found Object with label mate Steve Gunn and Weekend Babes.

FYI: Guitarist Sean Thompson played lead on the Blacktooth Release of TV John – The Dream Man.

Listen: Promsed Land Sound – River No More


Fly Golden Eagle is playing some shows, most of which are with James Wallace and the Naked Light, which makes for a pretty sick, slap-happy night. They’re also playing the Nashham show on Dec 7 with Clear Plastic Masks and Promised Land. You can check out all their dates at their homepage ( Also, if you come to the Unitarian Lounge tomorrow night you can see Chrome Pony and Clear Plastic Masks play. Then a super jam, B’Roo style.

Mega more things coming soon, including a winter mix, a killer show, and a picture of a pretty couple.



I’ll Take You Too: Promised Land’s “Stoned Eagle”










Promised Land: Stoned Eagle. Sean, Joey, Ric and Evan have done good and you should be able to make it through the coming winter a bit easier now. Their music comes from an unabashed love of music, I can assure you of that. Stream/buy below.


Majestico – Love Is God (Vid + 7″)


Majestico is releasing a fairly good take of their staple songs this Saturday. Get on it, get played on, get tape on it. The neon kind. Watch out for the punks that come your way, Bay-Bay say. Is Love God? say Jose but we don’t know so now you know. I’d personally rather see my teeth in drag than drag my teeth all around this town but that’s the city for you. Good luck.

Watch the video below. Shot by Jake Smith and Graham Fitz Fitz



Blacktooth Records presents: A Blacktooth BBQ Bash


The Zombie Shop

7/26/12, Grill at 6p, Music 7p-12a

$5 door, $2 Beers, $2 all you can eat, the swimming pool is free (as always)

Tunes by the following (lineup determined by drawing straws at 7. come early, stay late):

Faux Ferocious
Chrome Pony
Promised land
Denney and The Jets
Clear Plastic Masks
Fly Golden Eagle

All the Blacktooth Gang will be there, as well as the newest Blacktooth Release (BTR-008) – playing/selling the record for the first time – Hepatitties – Banality Winkin’


Oh then come on.