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Andy Ferro – Short Stories


Very quietly and surreptitiously did Andy Ferro, guitarist and occasional vocalist for Ranch Ghost, slide out a modest, self-recorded batch of songs this winter. The details are scant, but over beignets this last Fat Tuesday, Ferro made something along the lines of comment about how the songs come from a place of Tea and optimism and not Red Wine and pith…whatever that means. It sounds to everyone else like the dude just held himself hostage for a season and put his nose to the grindstone and we are looking at the residuals.

The tunes are simple, well-written, and contain a British sensibility that tongues with the American “blues”- a style that is becoming a sort-of calling card of Mr. Ferro’s.

Birth your own babies and let this collection of jams hold you over until that Ranch Ghost record finally sees the light of day.



Paper Lake Thank You and Goodbye For Now

I mean, c’mon. If you can’t beat them, hone in on them:

Do Right By Your Dad (Are You My Dad?)


1/17/14 @ FooBar

Clear Plastic Masks becomes Ranch Ghost become Oh Dang Lo Mein becomes Chrome Pony becomes Natalie Prass becomes Majestico.

We are all one and we will prove it with diversity!

We will all cover each other’s songs (3 bands/3 songs per Unit) and donate whatever money we get to Fred Ready’s Cancer Foundation he’s starting. It’s like a defibrillator for the 501-c3 sector covered in butter and booze.

Join us, please.



August 30th at The Basement here on the home turf of Nashville, TN will be tight night. We’re proud to present it. The illustrious poster above was made by the hero Ricardo Alessio (site) and will be screen printed and made into different colors for sale at the show. Limited edish.


9pm/$5 will get you in and no pads allowed.


We’re giving away tickets for 2. Leave your name + contact in the comment section as well as a random fact about one of the bands. We’ll select the best and see you and yours there.

Get real with your peers.



Tonight, all the way up north in the fabled Quad Cities – where legends are purported to spend their retirement drinking Mai Tais – Blacktooth Records gladly holds hands with Rozz Tox and, not unlike proud parents, present Ranch Ghost and Chrome Pony on one bill and of one mind.

We love the people behind and in Rozz Tox as much as they love China and Albert Pyun films. So go, enjoy yourselves. Make money and do the right thing. Ask the hard questions. See if Donnie’s eye is ok. And maybe we’ll do it again sometime.





Fly Golden Eagle
Ranch Ghost

The Basement/Aug. 3o/Nashville
DJ’d by Jota Ese

Similarly, very soon we will have more info on the matter. Transmissions are just now arriving with great fervor and after much anticipation.

Majestico – Love Is God (Vid + 7″)


Majestico is releasing a fairly good take of their staple songs this Saturday. Get on it, get played on, get tape on it. The neon kind. Watch out for the punks that come your way, Bay-Bay say. Is Love God? say Jose but we don’t know so now you know. I’d personally rather see my teeth in drag than drag my teeth all around this town but that’s the city for you. Good luck.

Watch the video below. Shot by Jake Smith and Graham Fitz Fitz



Winning the Game

“Soon the tradition of winning the game with one swing of the bat will forever be a thing of the past.”

(Graffiti by John Hood and Matt Sharer at Santa Moses’s art party – thrown Blacktooth style – at the start of the summer of 2012.)

Prep work. Holla at yo boi.


Fly Golden Eagle will be playing 2 shows zis week:

5/18 at the High Watt with Fool’s Gold (click here: <click!>) and 5/21 at the Unitarian Lodge with Action! and Each Other (click here: <click!>)


Chrome Pony will be at the Bomb Shelter next week, recording their follow-pup to Illegal Smiles, which is tentatively called Pizza Burden or Prove it Wasn’t Poppy Seeds. If they go through with naming their album based on a pun I might be really upset. But it’ll be out.


Majestico and Ranch Ghost are going to go play shows out of town. When someone gives me dates, I’ll put them up here. Bill Rowe is out of town, so I’m manning the turret for now, but I don’t know how good of a job I’m doing when I can’t even get tour dates that are happening in a week. Leave a comment so the boss doesn’t fire me.



Reverend Cohen






Get right with it everybody. Record Store Day 2012 is gwon be too tight.

There’s a lot of really good bands, free beer (I think?) and Black Diamond. Who is a Black Neil Diamond impersonator. Who will be on a roof. And that’s reason enough.

Plus The Groove carries all of the Blacktooth Releases and they rule on a personal level.

We’ll see you there. And so will he: