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bring back my wicked witch of the north

wiccan brides of East Tennessee
take off your hideous grandmothers’ gowns
They’ve left you cold in these off seasons

wrap and re-wrap with designer cloth   or lose it all —- run, skip.

You have frightened me
down in a hole is where i hide these days

I no longer enjoy the taste        even from your finest vine

I want adrenaline, fun-fear, ups and belows. 
not this eyes closed-circle pacing-walk around my living room at 2pm in February
             This is not it. Maybe Spring will be

the biggest little city in the world


The Devil Sobered up years ago

got his family back and lives outside of Tempe in a house with a garage that holds two

But what do you do when G↔d is dying too?

You gathered up the salvation you had left and cashed them for chips


Everything on Black, always Black, never red                   Its you and G↔d’s         covenant


now what do you do?      Back to the room where G↔d has lost too

Another night of indulging in escapism wherever you can find it.

G↔d stays hopeful, he can do that, he’s “ambitious.”

he says he has a ‘lead’  And that it’s best to follow


Of course, what else are you gonna do

When G↔d is strung-out too?


what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object                    when a rolling stone hits a wall

A black hole opens up and sucks you in to set you down right here again on this same bar stool

Staring into black matter                 while drinking the rivers & seas         one ghost                             followed after another

Filling up the great abyss with smoke streams and ash


green fairy


She came to me dancing in a dream

swirling like a ghost in my mind

moving out of step with no concept of time


she placed a rainbow moonstone in my palm and pressed an indigo gem to my forehead and told me i was aligned

She told me, “A house of people ain’t where its at.”    so i said, “Should we get a motel instead?” she said, “A bed by a pond will do just fine.”

So we painted our faces with turquoise & dirt and I fell asleep in her smoke signals

I woke up choking and drowning in her tide

She came to me dancing in a dream

swirling like a ghost in my mind


moving out of step with no concept of time



I took a step back into the woods                         started a fire

and watched her ghost climb the sky




Big Black Lord


She said she couldn’t get off unless she heard hell’s angels flapping their wings

so i got some leather and some 27s too, gripped some shades and blackened my tooth


Now when I speak at her ears I use my hands

and when she quivers I force my demands


As the ash mouth prince I ride

In the pines with the young wet gurus wrapped in hide

yeah, missing eyes I ride


Scoot close darlin, let’s shoot the shit

Lay down baby, yeah let’s shoot me up


No, there’s no need to know my name, I’m the 7th son of a 7th son

The offspring of Mother London, the shadow shifter from the darkside of the sun


Lay with me little girl, far into the night

we will ride

As the harbingers of black

we ride