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Chrome Pony – Lazy Bones (pre-order + free track)


In one week the new tape of Chrome Pony’s record will be live!

Order your tape before 3/5 and you’ll get a free song (the album’s closer, “Black Smoke”) emailed to you and the tape will be shortly on the way.

Click here to pre-order!


Blacktooth Records presents: Chrome Pony – Lazy Bones (new album)


On March 5th, Blacktooth Records is proud to release the new record by Chrome Pony, entitled Lazy Bones.

This is Chrome Pony’s first full length and you get to go on a real fast and fun ride with this one, ladies.

Chrome Pony is obviously the brothers Davis, Tyler and Kyle, with Matt Shaw (Fly Golden Eagle/Majestico) playing bass, and Ben Trimble (Fly Golden Eagle) and Matt Menold (Clear Plastic Masks) also chipping in. It was recorded at The Bomb Shelter and Ben’s house, produced by Ben Trimble and Chrome Pony, engineered by Ben and Andrija Tokic, and Andrija also mixed and mastered it at the Bomb Shelter.

Them’s the deetz and we’ll have more for you as the day approaches.

Visit their website here: <click!>

Chrome Pony – Lazy Bones

1. Base of the Mountain
2. Domesticated
3. Fun Girls
4. Good Times
5. Ciggy Stardust
6. Never walk Away
7. Island Fever
8. Motorcycles Don’t Lie
9. Black Smoke



Get right with it everybody. Record Store Day 2012 is gwon be too tight.

There’s a lot of really good bands, free beer (I think?) and Black Diamond. Who is a Black Neil Diamond impersonator. Who will be on a roof. And that’s reason enough.

Plus The Groove carries all of the Blacktooth Releases and they rule on a personal level.

We’ll see you there. And so will he:

TV John – The Dream Man

















TV John – The Dream Man

  1. Drone
  2. Ya-Ya
  3. Cell Phone
  4. Do the Bomp
  5. All About You

Download “The Dream Man”: <click!>




The Limited Edition cassette of “The Dream Man” (BT009) is in the store and the tunes are yours to live. Listen to the single “Ya-Ya” below. The music video for Cell Phone, shot by Jake Smith and edited by Drew Maynard (click!), is the ride you’ve been waiting for. The treats in this one singular moment are irreplaceable and inexplainable. Remember: the tapes contain a clue to a special Blacktooth Records Sweepstakes Prize! Jake Smith shot and edited the behind-the-scenes footage as well.
TV John – Ya-Ya by BlackToothMunch


TV John came from Washington D.C. to Nashville in a swirl of coupons, melodic, and lyrical ideas and crashed into the Blacktooth Camp for one insane collaboration. Ben Trimble arranged the terms and agreements after taking an interest in exploring the nexus of creativity and originality. TV John cooked us ribs and conveyed his song-dreams to us, we arranged the new tunes, learned a few of his preexisting hits (“Party Animal“, “Elivs’s Brain” etc.), and played one hell of a show at The Zombie Shop. We are thankful to have shared the world-unto-itself that is TV John Langworthy’s. We won’t soon forget it. He was a “party animal” and hopefully, after hearing these new songs, you will be also.

Musicians on the tracks (in alphabetical order): Ben Trimble (Bass, Electric Guitar, Drums), Chris Murray (Saxophone), Mitch Jones (Organ, Keys), Ricardo Alessio (Piano, Bass, Electric Guitar, Synths), Richard Harper (Drums, Bass), Sean Thompson (Lead Electric Guitar).

BGVs: Brittany Painter Shaw, Lilly Lomein, Liz Thielemann, Josh Harper, Kim McCulla.

Recorded by Mitch Jones at Lil Biv Town

Mixed by Ben Trimble at Lil Biv Town and The Bomb Shelter

Mastered by Andija Tokic at The Bomb Shelter

Pictures by Jota Ese



Check out our online store, yo. It’s right there —–>

More to come, both there and here. Happy weekend:

It’s Hot and I Don’t Wanna Go Outside

Chris Murray of Square People sent over this mix and it’s filled with that good stuff. You know, the goooood stuff. The stuff that makes you wanna shake your shoulders, thrash about, or stand on the wall and look at everyone/thing around you and think, ‘all right, all right.’

Well, I assume it’s filled with the good stuff. I haven’t listened to it yet. But I inferred as much by the track listing.

At any rate, here’s what Chris had to say about the tunes, and if you aren’t familiar with Square People (or any other of their dimensions) you’re doing yourself a great disservice and you should really question how you spend your time. (We’ve written about them once or twice…) Ya’ll get back now.


Here’s a mix around the theme of temporality: the tracks here are all stuff I’m real into. They’re not all one genre or mood or style or race or whatever. I just like them. And maybe won’t, come next summer. At least not as much. Cause we’re always changing (I think.) Plus music is always changing (I hope,) or how we find it, our listening habits, brain patterns.

I used a “hip” “vintage” compiling process, which leaves you with two large mp3s instead of individual tracks. So you’ll have to take it in one big gulp (obviously, not really cause you can just skip around in the little song progress bar in iTunes.) It’s not too serious like it’s “must be heard all the way through, in headphones.” I actually don’t know how well it flows cause I haven’t listened to it yet. It’s just me, you know, playing some cool music during one evening and doing “DJ Banter.” (I’ll go ahead and apologize now for the DJ Banter.)

Anyway, hope you enjoy. There’s some really sexually explicit rap in the middle of side A, so be ready for that. Also there’s stuff from some bands I dig in the “Nashville Underground” (I guess that’s what you’d call it,) and I encourage you to check them out in a live performance context.

I called it “It’s Hot and I Don’t Wanna Go Outside” because that is true about me.


Devo- Gates of Steel
Faust- The Sad Skinhead
Chain Gang- Gary Gilmore & the Island of Dr. Moreau
Malkauns- Electric
Jason Ajemian & the HighLife- TV/Animals
Eric Dolphy- Gazzeloni
Khia- My Neck, My Back
David Banner- Play
Busta Rhymes- Light Your Ass On Fire
Ambitious Lovers- Let’s Be Adult
John Maus- The Peace That Earth Cannot Give
Gary Wilson- I Wanna Lose Control


Weather Report- River People
Terror’ish- Jungle Heaven
Deluxin’- I Thought You Were Cool
Toadies 2- Marshall Trucker Band Hat
Yoko Ono- Joseijoi Banzai (part 1)
James Moody- Unchained
Ramsey Lewis- Aufu Oodu
The Samps- FXNC
Constrobuzz- Mind-Responsible
Matrix Metals- Flamingo Breeze (excerpt)
R. Kelly feat. Boo & Gotti- Feelin’ On Yo Booty (Dirty South Mix)
Monotract- Con la Cabeza en la Escuela
Leslie Keffer- Dormant Torment
Jazz Free Future- Reflective/Reflexive

It’s Hot and I Don’t Wanna Go Outside (download)


Previously: Cock D’s Summer of Soul Mix

Block party = Square People

Part espionage, part get-off-da-grid, part an Immediatist Potlatch (re: Hakim Bey) but all party.

The other week Blacktooth Records threw a Happening that was co-occurring with the Nashville moped chapter The Dead Ped’s annual rally: R.I.P. One-million solipsistic fractions came together after weeks of scouting out a location that would be hidden to those governing authorities, and made known to the appropriate sources only by its google coordinates. The individual tribal leaders communicated between each other and then to their people, and we all convened at the appropriate local in a psycho-kinetic skill known as Freedom. Hendrix blared from a radio, drinks were in hand, and no cars were present (save the one acting as a jukebox). 150+ mopeds, bikes, skate boards and pedestrians all dancing on the outskirts of Metropolis, surrounded by bricks and left to our own outpouring.

Pictures by Mary Nell Jr. and co. below.


More Happenings will be happening. Keep our feelers out.




meanwhile, in other realms————————

Square People will be putting out Cosmic Sans vol. 2 on Cicada Shell. This compilation acts as a “best of” for Chris Murray’s more recent, non-Jazz Maturity releases (of which there are many. One must be supremely fastidious or extremely fool-hearty to undertake this task alone). Adjoining the compilation is a video, shot by our good friend Drew Mayard and designed by Sam White, for the song Unfettered. As Square People’s official biographer, I’ve always said Unfettered was the hit that never was. Check it out below.

Square People – Unfettered

James Wallace and the Naked Light::More Strange News From Another Star

On March 25th, James Wallace will unveil his latest freak-whatever-tunes to the known and unknown world(s) in tape. Let me be the first to say that you all should go to the greatest heights, swim the deepest oceans, transverse ravines, whatever it takes, to hear More Strange News From Another Star. It’s coherent, thoughtful, careful, and most of all a joy to listen to. There are moments where a song will make your spirits soar, and then comes pure pensiveness, where you follow the song – in the words of James –  ”like a new toy, pulled down the road by a string.”


Here’s a song from the tape, “Colored Lights”. I could have posted any of them, honestly, this one just got to me first. It’s enthusiasm is enviable. Are the colored lights neon city signs? Ladies with copious amount of Tammy-Fay-make-up on their faces? Who knows, but you quickly start to spin around with them.
James Wallace and the Naked Light – Colored Lights


James asks the impossible question of how he is to pick up all these stars on More Strange News, and if you want to see him attempt to answer it, go here:

The Basement, 3/25 with Dawn Kinnard and Fly Golden Eagle

Last time he had a record release there were self-help lectures, power point presentations, and free hot tubs. This is a show that is not to be missed.