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They want to sound like they promised their daddies they’d make it for them and damn if they didn’t nail it. Promised Land Sound’s debut album comes out today via Paradise of Bachelors and we remember when they played their first show way back when at our Summer Party…they were just innocent little Promised Land then. Free of legal issues and way worse at their instruments. Now look at ‘em, all boutique and high and ripping sweet licks and singing. D/L a track by them at the bottom because they can jam.

Record done at the Bomb Shelter by Andrija Tokic and Jem Cohen and that’s all. The release show is this Saturday – 9/28 –  at Jem and co.’s Found Object with label mate Steve Gunn and Weekend Babes.

FYI: Guitarist Sean Thompson played lead on the Blacktooth Release of TV John – The Dream Man.

Listen: Promsed Land Sound – River No More


Here is a scathing review of our latest release, “The Dream Man” by MTV-E, a good blog that drunkenly reviews marginalized music from Nashville (supposedly) and is more interested art than in fun:

TV John – The Dream Man

















TV John – The Dream Man

  1. Drone
  2. Ya-Ya
  3. Cell Phone
  4. Do the Bomp
  5. All About You

Download “The Dream Man”: <click!>




The Limited Edition cassette of “The Dream Man” (BT009) is in the store and the tunes are yours to live. Listen to the single “Ya-Ya” below. The music video for Cell Phone, shot by Jake Smith and edited by Drew Maynard (click!), is the ride you’ve been waiting for. The treats in this one singular moment are irreplaceable and inexplainable. Remember: the tapes contain a clue to a special Blacktooth Records Sweepstakes Prize! Jake Smith shot and edited the behind-the-scenes footage as well.
TV John – Ya-Ya by BlackToothMunch


TV John came from Washington D.C. to Nashville in a swirl of coupons, melodic, and lyrical ideas and crashed into the Blacktooth Camp for one insane collaboration. Ben Trimble arranged the terms and agreements after taking an interest in exploring the nexus of creativity and originality. TV John cooked us ribs and conveyed his song-dreams to us, we arranged the new tunes, learned a few of his preexisting hits (“Party Animal“, “Elivs’s Brain” etc.), and played one hell of a show at The Zombie Shop. We are thankful to have shared the world-unto-itself that is TV John Langworthy’s. We won’t soon forget it. He was a “party animal” and hopefully, after hearing these new songs, you will be also.

Musicians on the tracks (in alphabetical order): Ben Trimble (Bass, Electric Guitar, Drums), Chris Murray (Saxophone), Mitch Jones (Organ, Keys), Ricardo Alessio (Piano, Bass, Electric Guitar, Synths), Richard Harper (Drums, Bass), Sean Thompson (Lead Electric Guitar).

BGVs: Brittany Painter Shaw, Lilly Lomein, Liz Thielemann, Josh Harper, Kim McCulla.

Recorded by Mitch Jones at Lil Biv Town

Mixed by Ben Trimble at Lil Biv Town and The Bomb Shelter

Mastered by Andija Tokic at The Bomb Shelter

Pictures by Jota Ese


TV John Launch, 2/15/12


Ladies and Gentlemen, start spreading the word now. On Wednesday, February 15th, the newest release from Blacktooth Records will be live: TV John’s record, “The Dream Man,” will be available as a free, high-quality mp3 download, as well as a limited edition run on cassette for purchase from the Store. The cassettes come with a chance to win a special Blacktooth Records sweepstake prize, so get them while they’re still around!

Accompanying TV John’s tunes will be the music video we shot at the Opryland Hotel for the track, “Cell Phone,” as well as a behind-the-scenes documentary of the recording process, featuring hilarious out-takes, exclusive interviews with all the musicians (maybe), and a extensive peek into the mind of the Dream Man himself.

Trust us, it’s the perfect thing to listen to after a sweet Valentine’s Day with your Honey.

Listen to “The Dream Man” single, ‘Ya-Ya’ below.

TV John – Ya-Ya by BlackToothMunch



Blacktooth Records presents: TV John Langworthy

Blacktooth Records Presents – all the way from the adrenal gland of this great nation, Washington D.C. – TV John Langworthy. A very strangely talented older dude that gets songs from his dreams, TV John has his own Public Access TV show in D.C., as well as a back catalog of epic proportions. One that we want to share with the people of Nashville. So we are.

Starting this week, we’ve assembled TV John a backing band like none other (featuring members of Chrome Pony, Fly Golden Eagle, Majestico, Nikki Lane, etc.) and we will be recording 2 new songs for official Blacktooth release, in addition to hijacking Mercy Lounge on 1/9, shooting a video, and at the end of it all, will bring it to you LIVE on 1/14 at the fabulous FooBAR in what will prove to be spectacular brilliance.

1/14, FooBar (Free):
Fly Golden Eagle
TV John Langworthy

Here’s a video. Investigate this man. A true artist, craftsman, genealogist, and a descendant of the 1st pharaoh of the 1s Egyptian dynasty, Narmer.