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So Real in Caesar’s Palace (aka Cleveland Park)


Directed by Ben Trimble, shot by Schuyler Howie, edited by Drew Maynard, starring Rev. Daniel Allen Frazier Jr.

Square People: Mysteries and Secrets Unzipped

It’s debatable whether or not the band Square People (or, for that matter, the individual members contained within) are indeed lazy and/or nervous. Sometimes they might be, other times not. Their latest release – a movie – fits perfectly within that continuum. Is it lazy or assiduous? Is the movie itself nervous or rather forthcoming? Yes. Heed it. They heed it. They heed.

“Mysteries and Secrets Unzipped” debuted at the Noa-Noa house last night, and there were moments of laughter, confusion, sensory-overload, and all smiles. I feel confident in saying this movie brought joy.  Someone artificially flavored the popcorn the flavor of lime. This is either a command or an anecdote.  We have decided, then, to understand the fledgling star in the press, especially when the gold-laden runs of distorted ideas actually arrive at some arrival point that they were forever returning to arrive at. Square People the band and Square People the movie do that. You can watch the movie below and download the songs at Square People’s bandcamp <click!>


TV John Launch, 2/15/12


Ladies and Gentlemen, start spreading the word now. On Wednesday, February 15th, the newest release from Blacktooth Records will be live: TV John’s record, “The Dream Man,” will be available as a free, high-quality mp3 download, as well as a limited edition run on cassette for purchase from the Store. The cassettes come with a chance to win a special Blacktooth Records sweepstake prize, so get them while they’re still around!

Accompanying TV John’s tunes will be the music video we shot at the Opryland Hotel for the track, “Cell Phone,” as well as a behind-the-scenes documentary of the recording process, featuring hilarious out-takes, exclusive interviews with all the musicians (maybe), and a extensive peek into the mind of the Dream Man himself.

Trust us, it’s the perfect thing to listen to after a sweet Valentine’s Day with your Honey.

Listen to “The Dream Man” single, ‘Ya-Ya’ below.

TV John – Ya-Ya by BlackToothMunch



Toadies II

Good boy. Good boy get love. Good boy get love for pop music and love for good girl. Good, good.

More 2 soon. ‘Cept you gotta add big circles enveloping little circles in addition to those 3 intersecting lines you think you saw in that video.

Toadies II


Toadies II <—-video

In other worlds:
Tonight, our colleague, com-rad, co-conspirator, and constant clairvoyant, Davis Watson (aka Junto Rimur, aka Safron Willoughby, aka Saul Burke, aka The Polychronic Conservatory) will be premiering his pre-emanate piping film, GOOD PIPING, tonight, August 6th at O’More College of Design in Franklin, Tennessee. 5:30pm with a ‘Look Sharp’ add on. Here’s a “trailer”/teaser? It’s gonna be one of those things people talk about the morning after…if you know what I mean.

Good Piping <—-video


a-go go!