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Brent Spiner – Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back


Way back in the darker days of 1991 – when Star Trek was extremely popular and a year before Patrick Stewart was named the sexiest man on television by TV Guide – Brent Spiner (aka DATA) released an album of him crooning away at “old pop standards” that accompanied every dinner he ate between the ages of 5 and 13. Why, at the age of 13, Spiner stopped listening to tunes penned by Ira and George Gershwin, Rudy Vallee and Sammy Cahn, we may never know. Perhaps his father – “a hell of a mambo dancer” – and the key to his knowledge of these tunes, left for another, newer Operating Family. Or maybe his interests changed to the more avant-garde with Coltrane breaking on to the scene, or folk music with Bob Dylan’s arrival, perhaps to feel more natural and connected with the earth and his roots and to experience real life, becoming the change he wanted to see in the world: Androids that can make a difference.

Do androids dream of electric guitars?

If this record is any indication, me thinks not. You have a tepid washing of 12 songs, backed by an orchestra, of mawkishly sentimental renditions of askance standards with Spiner’s voice sounding more like a trumpet muted by donuts. And it’s a great listen, albeit really creepy at points. There are a few fantastic suprises, like the can-can “Carolina In the Morning” followed by Randy Newman’s “Marie.” (I’m pretty sure that’s the only “contemporary” songwriter to make the cut, and damn if he didn’t choose the right one.) Patrick “Sexy” Stewart, Jonathan ‘The Voice” Frakes, Michael “Imma Vegan” Dorn, and LeVar “Game Changer” Burton all show up on the track “It’s A Sin (To Tell A Lie)” as The Sunspots (pun!) with quips and background vocals, sounding as stoned and burly as you remember the early 90′s being.

Ol’ Yellow Eyes is back? Never left as far as I’m concerned.

Click the links twice to D/L or listen:

Brent Spiner – It’s a Sin (To Tell A Lie) feat. The Sunspots
Brent Spiner – Marie (Randy Newman cover)


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This is your Christmas. Get there early.

The State of Kuwait: WiLi//AmHo

(Welcome to our latest installment of the State of Kuwait)

- Amos House Community: A loosely to tightly affiliated group of people here in Nashville, TN that do the righteous thing, especially gearing toward those who don’t usually get the time of day, let alone dignity and decency.

- Brett Fleener: a “member” of Amos House Community, Blacktooth orbiter, and great dude. Knowledgable, flexible, and – in short – down.

- Wiki Leaks: Wiki Leaks.

Brett Fleener is spending time in London this summer working at a Catholic Worker house, gaining new traction and loosing some others. His concerns in life are valid and thoughtful, and he has written an excellent piece on the Wiki Leaks/Julian Assange extradition situation. The link to the article is posted below. We just deemed it pertinent to further the digging and the thoughts being swapped on this issue.

Read the article here: <click!>

Who benefits from excessive reputation damage of Assange and Wikileaks?”

gooble gobble.


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